Monday, June 2, 2014

Paint the Halls Red! And a Bunch of Other Colors, Too! Huntsville High Art Students Beautify the Halls with Murals

One thing that you can't help but notice when you walk through the halls of Huntsville High School is the murals.

Ashley in action.

Each year,  student crews from our Art Department disperse in teams around the building and little by little white walls blossom into large colorful paintings.

Kallie adds some color and texture.

Sometimes paired with a unique quote, the murals always present an opportunity for you to take a moment out to savor the beauty and gather some inspiration. This year was no different.

Back Row: L-R Miguel, Daunte (grey sweatshirt against wall), Mikayla (Long Brown Hair), Alisha (Long Blond Hair Pulled Back) Cristina (in Black with Blue T-shirt) and Calab.
Middle Row: Oscar (Nike Sweatshirt), Kallie, Catalina, Daycee.
Front Row:  Zillah

We caught up with Mrs. Spencer's ART I class as they were in the process of painting a commissioned piece from Rachel Calabretta for the Dance Studio hallway.

The sketch comes first.

Cristian in action.

Each student in Mrs. Spencer's class played a part in the design, preparation and painting of a series of elegant dancers in silhouette, complete with contrasting colorful tutus.

Joey, Quiana and Sara take a quick photo break.
Meanwhile in the Life Skills teaching area, members of the art club were turning a blank white wall into a canvas for a painting of a warm, beautiful tree complete with a treehouse.
It takes a steady hand.

Kaycee concentrates.
And although the student artist crews' time is in high demand and the wait was long, our Curriculum and Technology department was able to tap the artistic talent of ____  _______.  Over the course of several weeks, she met, sketched and executed a mural for our Curriculum and Technology Department in the 1900 hall.

The mural for the Curriculum & Technology department first begins life in Ashley's sketchbook-
the image is inspired by The Hunger Games, and the quote reads,
"Your mind is not a bucket to be filled, but a flame to be ignited."

Putting the finishing touches on the principal image.

We want to thank Ashley for the fantastic job on the mural for our department, everyone who worked on the Dance Mural and the Treehouse mural, and our Art Department teachers Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Spencer and Mr. Fuller for not only teaching these students, but lending their talents to beautify our school and inspire our students, staff and faculty.

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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