Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Did It! Congratulations to the Class of 2014, Huntsville High School

What does your diploma represent? 
It's piece of paper, it's "proof" you graduated, but it's really more than that. 
Congratulations to the Huntsville High School Class of 2014!
It represents all of your hard work, your persistence through the inevitable ups and downs of your life growing up.  
HHS Principal Beth Burt "moves the tassel" for each of the 403 graduates.
As you already know, the word commencement means "a beginning," and though this is the beginning of your new life, it's so much fun to take the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished, with the teachers, parents, relatives, friends and administrators that were with you along the way.

This is a GOOD day.
It all went by in a whoosh, and the ceremony was over in under two hours.  The memories, however, from this morning, and the four years at High School, will last a lifetime.  

Seems like a pretty darn good time for a hug: Mrs. Surley & Triston celebrate.
Action Shot:  Amy has her diploma!

Seth Autery and 402 of his closest friends proudly sing the school song.

Macy Cowart lead the Closing Prayer & Joanna "Bella" Abril is our Salutatorian.
That's Valedictorian Todd Christian on the way out with his diploma.
View from behind the Music Stand:
The Huntsville Hornet Military Marching Band under the direction John Green.
On Saturday, June 7th at 10:00 a.m., we came together as we have since 1916 to recognize our graduating seniors.  

Assistant Principal Mr. Herrington and the new graduates pause for a moment
for a prayer of gratitude and blessings.

The Huntsville High School Chorale sang, "Give Me Wings."
Lauren Davis (in green) is the Director, and the accompanist is Sherri Barrett.
Look at the top left corner- it's not a UFO, it's an IFM!
(That would be an "Identified Flying Mortarboard")
This was the second year our district live streamed our commencement.
Missed the stream?  Couldn't make the ceremony? Go to:

Shoes fit for a Salutatorian- Joanna "Bella" Abril!
How does Sheila Simmons, our freshly awarded Huntsville Independent School District's
Support Person of the Year, spend the following day?
Working Commencement with her M & O team, including Reverend Freeman, of course!   

Could not resist snapping this photo on the way out in the parking lot.
These are some really happy grads!

Introducing the Huntsville High School Senior Class of 2014.

A diploma represents all of your hard work, from PreK through twelfth grade.
Growing up, through the ups and did it!  
Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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