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The Students Are Gone, Now it's Time to Celebrate our Staff and Faculty! - Huntsville ISD's All Star Awards

On Friday, June 6th, our district celebrated our annual All Star Awards, where we celebrated our Retirees, our employees' Service and our employees' excellence.  Each year, the district takes this time to honor outstanding accomplishments, and it's always a terrific way to begin summer vacation.

Presenting our 2014 Star Staff Awards! 

Support Person of the Year- Sheila Simmons

Instructional Assistant of the Year - Carol Johnson

New “Rookie” Teacher of the Year - Gianna Diaz

Innovative Teacher of the Year for Elementary - Nina Baker 

Innovative Teacher of the Year for Secondary- Stacy Godby

Teacher of the Year for Elementary- Grace Bass

Teacher of the Year for Secondary- Stacy Godby

It was not only great to see and honor those whose names are listed here, but also have a chance to see and visit with folks from all corners of the District.  We have a diverse group of people all working in different positions to make sure our children stay safe while getting the best education possible.

Because they were busy with their responsibilities during our District awards presentation,
our Transportation Department was celebrated earlier in the week.
Here Dr. Steve Johnson helps honor and celebrate the retirement of Thomas Peltier
as Transportation Director Tim Hooks looks on from the podium 

Read through the names below of the folks that have served us throughout the years, and scroll down further and take a look at the photos, see some familiar faces and maybe some folks you haven't met yet.

Celebrating of Years of Service ~  Work Anniversaries 

40 Years

Patricia Nash 

35 Years 

Connie Billingsley 
Donald Brinegar 
Linda Grigsby 
Carol Nichols 

30 Years 

Paula Duron 
Irma Gambrell 
Elva Hoch 
Linda Marshall 

25 Years 

Augustine Archie 
Jerrilyn Bulloch 
John Fuller 
Brian Gedelian 
Debra Hightower 
Lois Levingston 
Marsha Pugh 
Roberta Sturgeon 
Delanise Taylor 
Rebecca Vaughan 

20 Years 

Deborah Allen 
Beth Burt 
Susan Cryer 
Lastell Fraley 
Victor Garza 
Jerry Jones 
James Kreier 
Charles McGowan 
Leslie Nichols 
James Pitts 
Donna Sanders 

15 Years 

Jessie Anderson 
Kim Bolton 
Grace Burzynski
Shirley Ford 
Rebecca Fulenwider 
Mona Goebel 
Amanda Hoke 
Victoria Horne 
Ethel James
Carol Johnson 
Larraine McGee 
Quiana Mitchell 
Janice Moore 
Kym Murray 
Liseth Nieto 
Karen Paschal 
Blanca Rivas 
Amber Rodriguez 
Shanita Smith 

10 Years 

Sally Bacon 
Jennifer Barnes 
Lorena Buckner 
Kimberly Franklin 
Rachel Henley 
Tim Hooks 
Melissa Hunziker 
David Ingram 
Tanya Johnson 
Sylvia Kelly 
Kay Laube 
Nick Luggerio 
Brenda Oates 
James Oliphant 
Emma Pitrucha 
Rebecca Presley 
Brenda Schultz 
John Spencer 
Patricia Thompson 
Roxie Volkmer 
Amber White 
Danielle Williams 
Diann Young 

5 Years 

David Baker 
Latoya Bennett 
Rachel Calabretta 
Sharonda Cole 
Bridget Costello 
Juanita Deimel 
Marjorie Duffy 
Jamie Duke
Stephanie Dunn 
Amberleigh Ficklen 
Melinda Furr 
Dorothy Goad 
Angela Harper 
Krystal Herron 
Amy Holderrieth 
Yessenia Interiano 
Sharon Jefferson 
Melissa Jenkins 
Sonya John 
Jeri Johnsen 
Velvia Keithley 
Angela Martinez 
Nieisha Matthews 
Jacory McGinty 
Staci McGinty 
Juana Mejia 
Danny Milton 
Jennifer Moore 
Nanette Nira
Michelle Perry 
Cynthia Renfro 
Suzanna Salazar 
Amanda Smith 
Karol Smith 
Edwin Sowell 
Melanie Sowell 
Rebecca Turner 
Derek Waller 
Debra Wyatt 
Sarah Yates 
Michael Young 
Maria Zavala 
Vanessa Zuniga 


Grace Bass 
Carol Brown 
Claudia Cliff 
Rhonda Cox 
Ruth Eakins 
Larry Fusaro 
Irma Gambrell 
Mary Gibson 
Joyce Hoch 
Mary Hoffmann 
Barbara Johnson 
Lois Anne New 
Thomas Peltier

Employees of the Month 

Estela Anaya 
Mary Babida 
Kim Bolton 
Ana Bonilla 
Rudy Carreno 
Kimberlin Fitzgerald 
Paula Guthrie 
Jessica Jeter 
Rob Kennedy 
Kayla Neal 
Lori Riley 
LaVetha Scott 
Lonnie Stanford 
Ester Zamudio 

Educators of the Month 

Charly Baker 
Grace Bass 
Lynne Benavides 
Stacy Godby 
Rachel Henley 
Georgie Knocke 
Betsy Marlin 
Kasidy McKinley 

Kaelyn was there to pass out programs- and work security!

Twenty Year Service Awards waiting to be presented!

Beverly Kelly of HES  and Krystal Herron of MPMS.
Mrs. Kelly was Mrs. Herron's teacher, and her inspiration to becoming a teacher herself! 

Of course it could be the cookies- delicious as always!
Thank you Henry and Food Service Folks.

Henry and Most of the Food Service Team.

Huntsville Elementary Teachers are representing!

Networking of a Different Kind: Do you recognize Daniel Rollins without his cables or wifi?

Maintenance & Operations Crew:  Nick Soto and Juan Lopez.

A couple of MPMS' finest~ Nurse Julie Simmons & Amanda Leland

HES Principal Koren Nicks introducing her retiree and
Elementary Teacher of the Year, Grace Bass!

School Board Member J.T. Langley, Superintendent Dr. Steve Johnson,
Board Member and Secretary Tracy Stoudt and Deputy Superintendent Sonny Cruse.

Coaches Jason O'Bryant & Brad Didier showing their All Star Approval.

Let's here it for Samuel Walker Houston Elementary Teachers!

Little does Support Person of the Year Sheila Simmons
know her whole family is waiting in the wings ready to surprise her!

HIS's Michelle Rush likes what she sees!

Rookie Teacher of the Year Gianna Diaz gets hug
from a family member.
HAB's Maria Delgado and MPMS's John Ryan

Stacy Godby congratulated by Dr. J.

SHE's Amy Stevenson and Jennifer McKendree

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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