Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Safety Town, Population Fun!! Huntsville Community Agencies Help Teach Our Kids Safety at One of a Kind "Safety Town"

Recently first graders from around the District spent the morning at Safety Town. 
If the helmet fits...

Safety Town is a one of kind, home grown environment that is devoted to teaching children safe practices in their world. At the heart of Safety Town is a miniaturized cross section of streets built to resemble a small town. It's built for tricycles and walking kids, and it's a perfect scale for little people to learn to navigate the big world.

Safety Town is Busy Town.

At Safety Town, kids learn everything from how to cross the street, to how to be safe in the kitchen, from what to do if you see a gun to what to do when there's severe weather. 

If the helmet, and the jacket, ALMOST fit. :-)

Over the last 11 years, a visit to Safety Town has become a rite of (safe) passage for hundreds of Huntsville ISD students and other little ones.

The siren definitely got their attention!

Safety Glasses?  Check!  Smile?  Check!

The Forest Service folks talked about fire safety in the woods.

Hopefully the kids will never have to dial 911, but if they do, they know how to do it and what to say.
It's a town, but it is also a testament, to the adage, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child." We couldn't pull this together and make it a yearly success without the help of countless county, city and state agencies.  Each year, it gets a little bigger, and a little better, with the help of our departments and the members of our community that are willing to lend a hand.
No biggie- just hanging out with McGruff the Crime Dog.
Ladies and Gentleman, it's almost time to start your engines!  

Did we mention there's an "Eating Ice Cream" Station?
Not sure what safety this covers- unless it's how to prevent brain freeze!

Which way is the Hornet Way? Why it's the SAFE way.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Yes, you STILL have to wear your seat belt even if you are just going to McDonald's and it's just down the road and you don't feel like wearing a seat belt.
Members of our own HISD departments, including Maintenance & Operations, Nutrition Services and Transportation have the opportunity to put on their 'teacher cap' and share the knowledge they have with our students.  Even our students get in on helping their younger fellow students.  Members of the Interact Club helped during the sessions, and Mr. Connor's High School class, Advanced Building Technologies, help with repairs and upkeep. 

Good thing we are learning about safety because that looks dangerous! 

For some of these student volunteers, they had such good memories of attending back when they were younger that they jumped at the chance to return the favor.

The Mayors of Safety Town?
Huntsville ISD's Jim Kreier, Linda Marshall and Huntsville Rotarian,
Retired TDCJ employee AND President of the Safety Town Non Profit David Standlee
work together to make this program a success!
I really like the way this guy uses the hand rails when he exits the bus!

You crack me up- this boy just told Smokey the Bear a joke!

Mrs. Walker's class, are y'all ready to do this?

Nutrition Services Mascot "Lift Off" is taking a quick break in the shade
with Huntsville High School Interact Club members.

Where did you get that cool vest????? 

Demonstrating walking in the safety zone around the bus- any closer and it's dangerous!

Even the offender work crew of the Wynne Unit with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice play a roll in supporting this effort.  When Safety Town is closed, these men keep the area clean and maintained in preparation of our events.

If you find a gun in your house, should you touch it?
NO!  Do NOT touch a gun if you find it in your house!

Looking Left
Looking right

Through the years, communities around the state have come to visit Safety Town and have been inspired to start their own.

Safety makes sense to this girl!

We invite you to look through the list of people that helped make this event so special, and say thanks the next time you see them.   They are all part of the network of adults that teach our children to be safe.

Huntsville Police Department 
Corporal Scott Bennett
Officer Zach Duer
Detective Everett Harrell
Officer Ryann Kaaa
Sergeant Mike Legerski
Parking Enforcement Officer Yoselyn Ramirez

Huntsville Fire Department 
Jason January
Greg Mathis

Region 6 Service Center 
Donald Brown
Chris Hemphill
Melvin Jefferson
Amy Moser

HISD Transportation
Arthur (Bo) Davidson
Kimberly Franklin
Tim Hooks
Kirby Isaac
Charles Mc Gowen

Huntsville Independent School District Maintenance 
Josh Holloway
Jim Kreier
Juan Lopez
Michael McBride
David Niedermeier
Patty Nunley
Curtis Wanza

Walker County Sheriff Department 
Sergeant Danny Billingsley
Detective Chris Buck
Lieutenant Jason Sullivan
Detective Greg Williams

Walker County Juvenile Service 
Haley Griffin
April Payne
Katy Ringo
Jill Saumell

Texas Forest Service 
Jordin Herrin
Luke Masters
Josh Mizrany
Crockett Pegoda

Huntsville Independent School District Food Service
Aaron Bauer
Rita Roberts
Henry Tapia

Walker Count Public Safety Communications Center 
Anthony Tryon

Walker County Emergency Medical Service 
Vince Allen
Nick Coronis
Alex Gibson
Tamara Glover
Valeria Mendez

The City of Huntsville, Texas 
John Agey
Joseph Wiggs

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Department- Wynne Unit 
Warden Kelly Strong
Assistant Warden Brian Smith
Officer Willie Adamson

Huntsville Rotary Club 
Kalyn Cavasoz
Marcus Gillespie
Nisa Gillespie
John Hendricks
David Standlee

Huntsville High School Interact Student Volunteers
Julie Savage- Huntsville High Faculty, Group Sponsor
Giselle Avelar
Cindy Campa
Blake Castleberry
Jackie Castilleja
Jesslin Castilleja
Katie Chadonnet
Cammie Clute
Kalyn Cotton
Alyssa Crump
Sarah Dawson
Hannah Duncan
Kathy Escobar
Ayanna Gutherie
Harley Hall
Markayla Johnson
Cassidy Langley
Beatriz Massa
Stevie Milton
Julie Norwood
Mathew Saakshi
Tania Santos
Megan Skains
Addie Slie
Kevionna Smith
Montana Strait
Taylor Thompson
Dinora Torres
Vicky Torres
Laila Tucker

Huntsville High School Advanced Construction Technology
Bobby Connor, Teacher
Maxxwell Arrowood
Julia Avila
Ricko Bennett
Travis Danford
Oscar Escanuela
Chase Guynes
Amanda Hall
Jared Hesterley
Desmon Johnson
Katron Jordan
Jacoby Limbrick
Kaleb Moore
Ben Pannkuk
Javier Prieto
Kevin Torres

On her way, safely!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Huntsville ISD Salutes Our Veteran Families!

Today is Veterans' Day, and all across Huntsville ISD, from the Gibbs Pre-K Center to Huntsville High School, each school is honoring the men and women who served, 
and continue to serve, our country.

Lillie and Eli are proud of their grandpa, who served our country.

Last year, you may remember that we wrote about the staff and faculty that are 
veterans or actively serving.  You can read that here.  
This year, we change our focus slightly to emphasize the children of our District.

Lunch with Dad: Taylor and her father, Trey, at Samuel Walker Houston.

Christina is proud of her papa, who is currently serving our country.

Jensen and Jordan are proud of their mom who served our country, and their brother who is currently serving.
Jordan, a senior, is planning on joining the Marine Corp.

When mom, dad, brother or sister serves, we know that our kids do, too.  
So we invite you to read this blog, and see all the faces that love and are loved by veterans.
Many of these kids have to sacrifice when their parents serve. 
We thank these students for their service, too!

Tavin is proud of his daddy, who is currently serving our country.

This is Mrs. Snyder's home room class at Huntsville Intermediate.
These were some of the students who wrote to veterans to thank them for their service to our country.

Savannah is proud of her dad, who served our country.

These beautiful flowers are part of Scott Johnson's Wall of Honor.

Adrian Archuleta and...
Nate Archuleta are brothers, whose dad, Albert
is not only an assistant principal but currently active in the Army Reserve.
The Veterans' Wall of Honor at Scott Johnson Elementary.
At Mance Park, we found these students checking out their Wall of Honor in the Commons.

Maggie is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Justin and Jamie with their daughters Bella and little one Skylar,
just after lunch at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary.
Justin is currently serving our country. 
Cheyenne is enjoying lunch with her dad, Steven, a veteran.

There's my Dad and Uncle on the Wall of Honor.

Yansi is proud of her brother, who is currently serving our country.

This blog post is a living document.  If you are a veteran or a member of our armed forces that is currently serving and would like your child included here, please email us at mlahey@huntsville-isd.org and we will be happy to add your child to this post.

Veterans, we thank you for your service!  Families of Veterans, we thank you for your service!

Here's a selection of different activities throughout the District, we hope that you had a chance to help us honor and celebrate our Huntsville Independent School District veterans.

Gibbs PreK Center
Students and staff hosted a Veterans' Day program last night.

Huntsville Elementary
Students and staff hosted a lunch honoring veterans, and the honor choir performed a patriotic mini-concert.

Samuel Walker Houston Elementary
Students attended a program about Patriotism, Respect and Flag Etiquette, followed by a Veterans Day lunch.

Scott Johnson Elementary School
Students, under the guidance of teachers (who are also veterans), created a Wall of Honor including students family's names, photos and details of service.

Stewart Elementary
Students and staff hosted a "Celebration of Service."  Student council provided the table service.

Huntsville Intermediate School
This week members of the area Boy Scouts will lead a flag etiquette program in each Social Studies class.  Teacher are also guiding students in writing letters to a veteran and they will be sent to the Veterans Foreign Wars Hall, the Veterans' Memorial here in Huntsville and the Veterans' Hospital in Houston.

Mance Park Middle School
The history classes are creating a "living history" project from the families who has served our country.

Huntsville High School
They have created a "Wall of Honor," and the Life Skills students are sending cards to the veterans and those currently serving.  The Hive Video announcements will feature campus veterans on their Friday broadcast, and Journalism students wrote articles that will appear in today's edition of The Huntsville Item.

Evie is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Alexis is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Lunch with mom at Stewart Elementary!!
Photo by Amanda Kuykendall
Ashleen is proud of her brother who is currently serving our country.

Huntsville Elementary's Choir watches the presentation between their performance.

Shelby is proud of her aunt, who is currently serving our country.

Photo Op with Grandpa!
Stewart Elementary, Photo by Amanda Kuykendall
Gibbs PreK Center's Salute to Veterans program.

Ishmael is proud of his "abuelo,' who served our country.

Stacie has lunch with her dad, William, at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary.
Carlee is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Ainsley finds her dad on the Wall of Honor at Scott Johnson Elementary.

Mark is proud of his dad, who is serving our country.

Trey is proud of his dad, who served our country.

Angel is proud of her dad. He's currently serving our country.

Valencia is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Chloe and Christal are proud of their mom, who served our country.

Brayden is proud of his aunt, who is currently serving our country.

Isabella is proud of her dad, who served our country.

Marlen is proud of her mom, who served our country.

Nicole is proud of her dad, who is serving our country.

Julio is proud of his dad who served our country.
Stewart Elementary's "hug and a kiss" for the veterans.  Photo by Amanda Kuykendall.

Blake is proud of his grandpa, who served our country.

Bree is proud of her "Pops," who served our country.

Annaleigh is proud of her grandpa, who served our country.

Van is proud of his grandpa, who served our country.

Flags flying at Stewart Elementary School.
Photo by Amanda Kuykendall
Rosalie and Lucy are proud of their grandpa, who served our country.

Caleb is proud of his family, who served our country.

Lucas is proud of his dad, who served our country.

Stormy is proud of his family, who served our country.

These students serve the veterans with a smile!

Look closely, and you'll see that this decoration at Stewart Elementary is made up of cutouts of hand prints.
Photo by Amanda Kuykendall

Victor is proud of his grandpa, who served our country.

Well, this is a GOOOD sign, isn't it?

Chase is proud of his grandpa, who served our country.

Steely (aka "Tootie") is proud of her grandpa, who served our country.

This is one of the many flags that fly over the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum of Texas,
located right here in Huntsville at 463 State Highway 75 North.  www.heartsmuseum.com for more info.