Friday, May 30, 2014

Mance Park Celebrates this Year's Successes with the Help of First United Methodist Church

The end of the school year brings the awards season, when campuses around the district celebrate and honor the achievements of students of all ages.  

Seventh grader Hannah won the bike pictured here in a raffle drawing for perfect attendance.
Mom was quick to point out that because of her work schedule, Hannah and her brother Connor are fully responsible for getting themselves ready in the morning, so this award is "all Hannah!" 
These awards include exceptional work in academics, athletics, attendance and citizenship. Earlier today, we were at Mance Park Middle School as they recognized awards for Huntsville's seventh and eighth graders.

Awards were given for Academics, Most Improved, Citizenship and Perfect Attendance.
For Athletics, awards were given for Leadership and the "110% Award."

Who's going to win the bike???????

Mr. Walker, Mrs. Hoke and Mrs. Skaines are still smiling!!

 As part of the festivities, representatives of the First United Methodist Church's group, Mance Park Methodist Partnership (MPMP) were on hand to present and announce some extra special awards for those with perfect attendance.

From L-R, Reverend Ellen Willett, Principal Bennett, Assistant Principal Evans,
Assistant Principal Marshall, Assistant Principal Dunbar, Counselor Vossler.

We caught Yulissa & Araceli right after they received their Spirit Awards.

Mrs. Marshall, newly named assistant principal for Mance Park,
enjoys the proceedings as Principal Bennett offers the opening remarks.

The shirt says it all!

Um, Principal Bennett?  That bike is not for you- sorry about that!!
In a way, today's surprise announcement of a bike and e-tablet give away was the culmination of the year long partnership that the congregation has forged with this campus.

Jasmine and Nathan earned the
Cally Belcher Leadership Award.

Kennedy gives her mom a squeeze after receiving a Most Improved Award for Spanish.
For the church, this connection runs deep and this year's adoption seemed a natural fit for them, as Mance Park Middle School's namesake was a church member, and the family continues to be active members, including his grandson, also named Mance Park!

Olivia onstage.
Throughout the year, the MPMP has hosted countless events including all-staff treats for each six weeks, semesterly pizza parties for students with perfect attendance, an after school program that included woodworking, arts & crafts and (of course tutoring).

Church member Mr. Friday teaches
an MPMS student woodworking.

Assistant Principal Dunbar checks in on a MPMS student
 after school woodworking earlier this semester.
Let's Do This!  The Home Depot donated funds for the
After School Program.

MPMS Student Taryn and church member Mrs. Sprague

Ms. Dial, who spearheaded the after school program,
takes a moment to try her own hand at jewelry making.
Additionally, the MPMP provided support and refreshments for the Nurses Prep night for immunization of sixth graders (including popcorn, hot dogs and lemonade) earlier this month, staffed the Mock Interview program which gave students the opportunity to practice their job interviewing skills as part of the Career Exploration program AND the all-staff end-of-year luncheon.  (Phew- that's a lot!!)

A Sam Houston State Student helps MPMS seventh grader Natasha after school in the lab.
And they aren't done!  This coming Tuesday, the group will host a pizza party for this semester's 'perfect attendance holders' and give each of the nineteen students who has had perfect attendance all year an e-tablet! And, during that lunch, the church-funded book donation program will allow each of the student of the month from the past school year to pick the book they want to donate to the Mance Park school library on their behalf.

Reverend Ellen (center) surrounded by just a few of the MPMP Committee members.
(BTW, That's Mance Park teacher Ms. Greene on the end of the row on the right.)

Thank you First United Methodist!!  And congratulations to the students here at Mance Park, and throughout our District!!

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