Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This Week Marks the First Anniversary of Hurricane Harvey...

This week marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Harvey.

It was a time that seemed to demonstrate that the worst in weather could bring out the best in people.

The community of Huntsville ISD played an integral role in the service and care of those that suffered loss well beyond the role of "just a school," even though some of our families had suffered their own losses.

In fact, some of us are still recovering and adjusting to a "new normal" post-Harvey.

Today, we honor all those that helped, that cared for, and that needed care last year in Walker County and beyond.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and we move forward as a Huntsville ISD family.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our End of the Year Celebration- Thank you Huntsville ISD Staff & Faculty!

Once our students have finished for the year and before most of the staff begin their summer, Huntsville ISD hosts one last get together-

think of it as some quality "us" time to celebrate, hang out, enjoy some good breakfast and honor our award winners.

We send our retirees off with our deep gratitude, award staff and faculty for exceptional work, and recognize the service milestones of our folks.

We've already had a chance to share lots of photos (via Facebook) of the hanging out & camaraderie part of our morning, and here we share photos our individual honorees.

This year, we were able to catch everyone as the received their award- look through these photos and know that you are seeing employees that are the backbone of Huntsville Independent School District.

Retirees from Huntsville ISD

Linda Bone

Lisa Burns

Richard Burns

Cynthia Cunningham

Sue Howard

Pinellafie Johnson

Jan Moore

Cindy Renfro

Thank you also to retiree Mary Neville!!!

Huntsville ISD Service Awards

Thirty Years of Service
Lisa Burns

Beverly Kelly

Vanetta Mills

Toxie Oliphant

Judy Phillips

Twenty Five Years of Service

Robert Bennett

Margaret Cantu

Sandra Minor

Congratulations and Thank You to Scott Bumbaugh,
Linda Houston, Ruth Hutchinson & Sarah Munoz!!!

Twenty Years of Service

Albert Archuleta

Royce Blackwell

Prentice Foley

Paula Foreman

Charlotte Fuller

Angela Gaston

Amy Gilcrease

Kimberly Merchant

Christie Moorman

Sharon Odom

Angelina Santos

Teresa Scruggs

Amy Turner

Sophia Willis

Thank you and Congratulations also to Cynthia McGowen!!!

Fifteen Years of Service

Gary Evans

Linda Huff

Annie Johnson

Dusty Stoughton

Ginger Widner

Ten Years of Service

Chandra Brown

Audrey Burnett

Clayton Carr

Shannon Duncan

Jonathan Gallen

Maria Garcia

Jamie Lorenz

Charlotte Neal

Cleotilde Rivas

Karen Tymniak

Thank you and Congratulations to John Decker,
Melissa Lee and Liller McGuire!!!

Five Years of Service

Jaime Alvarado

Shannon Autrey

Amy Beers

Lisa Black

Seth Bracken

Teresa Bridge

Kimberly Cardoza

Suzanna Carvajal

Amanda Cason

Angela Coleman

Mayra Colunga

Christy Cross

Megan Delagarza

Deborah Dennis

Brandi Dougherty

Dominic Francisco

Paula Guthrie

Donna Gutierrez

Paul Hastings

Shandilynne Holley

Douglas Johnston

Christopher Kha

Tonya Lacox

Matthew Lahey

Daniel Leatherman

Brittany Long

Oralia Lozoya

Luis Lugo

Virginia Mathiews

Michael McBride

Jacory McGinty

Sarah McNeel

Danna Mitschke

Makinzie Nicks

David Niedermeier

Leroy Panzer

Robin Panzer

Jennifer Pelczar

Jessie Price

Monique Pruett

Lateel Richardson

Shelia Riggins

Cynthia Robinson

Olimpia Robledo

Velma Scott

Maribel Varela

Richard Williamson

Augustina Zamudio

Thank you and Congratulations also to
Maria Obregon Aragus, Connie Baker, Kimberly Good
Bailee Henson, Tammie Roundtree & Anita Tipton !!!

Substitute Teachers of the Year

Huntsville High School - Brianna Reeves

Mance Park Middle School - Kacee Nathaniel

Huntsville Intermediate School - John Garcia

Huntsville Elementary School - Allison Nichols

Stewart Elementary School - Lindsey Farr

Scott Johnson Elementary - Irma Gambrell

Samuel Walker Houston Elementary- Charla Conley

Gibbs PreK Center - Nicole Philbert

Instructional Assistant of the Year

Instructional Assistant of the Year - Elementary: Brenita Mills

Instructional Assistant of the Year - Secondary: Jaime Alvarado

New "Rookie" Teacher of the Year

New "Rookie" Teacher of the Year - Elementary: Cassy Siros

New "Rookie" Teacher of the Year - Secondary: Samuel Grubbs

Support Person of the Year

Support Person of the Year - Campus: Heather Bauer

Professional Support Person of the Year - Elementary: Jennifer Lott

Professional Support Person of the Year - Secondary: Dawn Shaw

Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year - Elementary: Dona Wells

Teacher of the Year - Secondary: Cindy Ness-Gallen

Huntsville ISD, we did it!

Congratulations to ALL!!!

Have a wonderful, restful and safe summer!!!