Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Attention: We'd like to Report a Bearkat Sighting at the High School

Strike a pose, take my picture!

OK, so the rumors are true and your eyes have not deceived you...

Whazzup, People???
We would like to make an official report that yes,  a few days back, Sam Houston State University's Sammy the Bearkat got loose at the High School and went a little crazy.

Right now she's thinking, "I got to get more sleep,  I'm starting to see things."
And yes for those of you who are wondering (and although we didn't see it for ourselves),  he did know enough to check in with ladies at the front desk (Belle Hansen and Elaine Kane) to show some proper identification.

Easy there Sammy!  Sammy whispers sweet nothings to Ms. York
Ms. York's class was minding their own business in the Library when Sammy arrived.
Sammy ran through the halls, giving out hugs and high fives to everyone who wanted them, and a few who weren't sure if they did or not.

I think this was a marriage proposal-
Sammy, I'm sure she was flattered, but it would never work.
He went through classrooms, the library, the Life Skills wing and had an impromptu meeting with Principal Burt.

First there was a push ups contest with Jared.

And then Sammy insisted on a hug.
With Principal Burt.  Topics may or may not have included
a proposal to amend our "no wild animals in school" policy.

Believe it or not he was here on official business, as he is one of our community readers volunteering to record reading a book for The Reading Project.  We'll share more on The Reading Project in a post very soon.   In the meantime, Sammy has the left the building and we can now resume our daily lives.

You've heard of a bear hug?  How about a Bearkat hug?  Richy says yes!

What's my login again?
Sammy visits Mrs. Herrington's class as they meet in a computer lab.

Seniors 2014: Bow Down to the Crown!

Who's the new dude in Mrs. Partin's class?
Greetings from Sammy & Aleana the Huntsville High School Library!

A moment made for a selfie.

With our Homecoming Queen, Estafania.
Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District


  1. Thanks to Sammy Bearkat and The H Factor for stopping by Mrs. Partin's class! The students LOVED the surprise!

  2. Eat 'Em up Kats! Love seeing my college represented in the school district I work in! Sammy, you are welcome to come visit MPMS! :)