Thursday, July 30, 2015

HEAP, HEAP, Hooray! Huntsville ISD and The City of Huntsville Team Up for Another Summer of Fun for Our Kids

It's summer time in Huntsville, and that can only mean one thing:  HEAP is in session, and our kids are having fun!  

On target for fun!
As you may have read right here on this blog, HEAP is a Huntsville tradition!  

Girl:  Psst, don't tell him I'm making bunny ears over his head!
Boy:  Psst, don't tell her I'm making bunny ears over her head!

And for those of you that don't know yet, let's start by sharing that the full name for HEAP is "Huntsville Enrichment Activities Program"... but rest assured, no one calls it that!

In flight, in dance class!

Instead, come summer, the single word "HEAP" is on everyone's lips, as it has played a big part of every summer in Huntsville for close to 45 years.

Finger lickin' good.
They don't like deviled eggs- they LOVE them

It's a summer program that our kids grow up with, and one our instructors return to, with sessions ranging from sign language to scavenger hunts, dancing to chess.

Rocket made of film canister and Alka Seltzer.

Kids learn and practice skills that include crochet, archery, "mad" science and cup stacking. (For a complete list of available activities offered this summer, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

Now where the heck did that rocket go?!

The City of Huntsville and Huntsville ISD have come together to provide safe, affordable and interesting fun for our children.  Once again this year, Huntsville Intermediate School provided the setting, and the City helps provide funding to make this a success.

Yes, she made it herself.  Yes, she made it entirely during HEAP.

This year, management of the program changed and the baton was passed from John and Patsy Fortner, who retired as HEAP coordinators after close to twenty years, to Huntsville teacher Mrs. Jennifer Kober, who had assistance this year from Coach Jay Oliphant. 

 HEAP Coordinator Mrs. Jennifer Kober (née Ballard) with Coach Jay Oliphant.

Registration was moved online, and HEAP now has an online home, .  Mrs. Kober's goals are to build upon the successes and hard work of the Fortner family, add some new programs and grow HEAP to serve more of our children, and the families of Huntsville and Walker County.

OK, this "Teaching Science" thing is serious business, OK?!
Retired HISD Science Teacher and long time HEAP instructor Mrs. Smith can't stop having fun!

Each year, scholarship applications are available, and following HEAP (and lunch), the YMCA offers supplemental child care on site for an additional cost. Mrs. Kober is always grateful for any gifts that can help underwrite scholarships for those kids that would like to attend and are in financial need.

The girls hanging at break time.

There are so many people that pitch in and work to make HEAP a success, year after year.  The teachers' names are listed at the end of this post.  

Look at those moves!  I think they are getting it!
Ms. Maria Ramirez, a brand new alum (Class of 2015) 
and former Grenadier Guard leads the dance classes.
The summer is beginning to wind down, and the Summer 2015 edition of the HEAP program is finished.  Look through these pictures, though, and you will see that it looks like there were some memories made that will last a long long time.  See you next summer!

OK, we have the Sugar,  Half & Half & Pure what?

Put them all in a bag, put that bag in another bigger bag with ice and rock salt then
Smiling while shaking is optional but strongly encouaged!!!
(We think the smiling makes it taste better!)
Now that is fresh ice cream made especially for you!!
Intrigued??? Recipe is here.

Meet the Teaching Chef. Stewart Elementary's Mrs. Little (in red) and her lovely and talented sous chef,
 Ms. Goodwin are definitely, Having Fun with Food!

Ready for the Countdown- T-minus, um, we don't know!

This looks serious.

Mr. Woods is definitely one of HEAP's MVPs.  He's been leading classes for years,
 and always makes sure to throw in a little etiquette training to each session.

You have to concentrate on this stuff.

OK, now where was I?
(Don't worry, she figured it out in the end!)

Getting down to business.


We see yarn, they see possibilities!

Give me your best shot, Mr. O'Brien!

Mr. Hyvl leads the Karate class.

Where did the deviled eggs go?

Hanging with the boys.
Each day after HEAP, the kids are invited to stay for complimentary lunch.
This service is part of our "Seamless Summer" program.

Not sure if this one had that much fun at HEAP this summer...

About to take aim.

Practicing form.

Mrs. Goodwin with her markswomen and marksmen of the archery and bb gun target practice session.

Set them up and knock 'em down!

Mrs. Kaye Fisher and her nephew.  

In the zone during cup stacking relay races!

Looking for that one specific piece!
These girls refer to the design website for building and programing instructions.
Just your ordinary, average robot snake made in Lego robotics!

L. O. V. E.-----Something everyone can agree on!

I like the way this guy cleans up!

It's fun to draw rainbows in art class.

He's showing one of his younger session mates how it's done.

Friends, HEAP Veterans and Certified Cup Stacking Enthusiasts!!
Retired HISD Teacher Mrs. Kruppa and Mrs.Fisher.

Somebody caught a baby 'gator at HIS, or did they make it?

I choose you, Pikachu!

Mr. Tom Farr with tired, but accomplished scavenger hunters.

HEAP- Another satisfied customer!

Here's the complete list of the activities offered this summer in HEAP  (Huntsville Enrichment Activities Program):

Trac 1
Camping/Outdoor Education - Learn the basics of the outdoors and play fun outside games
Chess - This game requires lots of strategy. 
Crafts - Use your creative skills with colors and forms.
Crochet - Learn the basics to crochet
Cupstacking - Improve hand-eye coordination
Dance - Learn basic dance moves and routines.
Fingerpainting - Create fun pictures with body parts.
Fun with Foods 1 - Learn basic nutrition and cooking skills.  
Imagination Station - Manners, etiquette, music and more.  
Indoor Games - A variety of challenging games.  
Karate - Introduction to self-defense.  
Mad Science - Discover amazing things indoors and out
Music - Singing, Learning musical instruments for fun. 
Scavenger Hunt - Get ready to search and be challenged.
Sign Language -Learn a new language using your hands.
Team Sports - Be challenged in team sports with friends.  

Trac 2
Archery - Learn the basics of archery
Art - Develop and use your creativity.  
Camping/Outdoor Education - Learn survival activites and play fun outdoor games
Chess - Build your thinking skills by playing this game.  
Crafts - Use your creative skills to create fun things.  
Crochet - Learn basic crocheting skills and make things.  
Cupstacking 2 - Practice advanced hand-eye coordination
Dance - Learn dance moves and routines.  
Fun with Foods 2 - Learn basic nutrition and cooking skills
Indoor Games - A variety of challenging games.  
Jewelry Making - Learn to make homemade jewelry.  
Karate 2 - Self-defense taught by a ranking black belt.  
Music - Songs and musical instruments.  
Robotics - Learn to build and manipulate robots. 
Scavenger Hunt - How quick can you find everything?
Sign Language - Learn a new language using your hands.
Worldwide Radio - Learn how to connect to the world by using the radio.
Zentangle - Controlled doodling, highly addictive.

And a big "THANK YOU" to all the instructors that made this summer's HEAP an amazing one!
Mona Bartoshek
Amber Bearden
Gabrielle Beaty
Terry Cates
Kay Coey
Stephen Farlow
Thomas Farr
Kaye Fisher
Kathy Goodwin
Marie Goodwin
Mandy Hysmith
Andy Hyvl
Amber Killion
Mary Kruppa
Sylvia Little
Rachel Marino
Kym Murray
Asa O'Brien
Tami Scruggs
Dylan Smith
Karen Smith
Emily Vereecke
Earl Woods

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Bilingual Students Walk Down the Street, and Back into Texas History at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Grounds.

Recently, the youngest students in the Huntsville ISD bilingual summer program took a walk back in Texas history when they visited the beautiful Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Grounds.

"I Pledge Allegiance..."
Fourth of July was just around the corner, so it seemed particularly fitting
to say the Pledge to the United States and the Pledge to the State of Texas, too! 

Under the guidance of Gibbs PreK principal Dr. Rosa Martinez and summer program teachers Joby Burgart (of Stewart Elementary), Esmina Cardenas (of Gibbs PreK Center) and Lupe Martinez (of Scott Johnson Elementary), these students made the four block journey and spent a few hours touring the museum, checking out the historic houses and hiking around the pond.

It was the perfect break from school work, as these students are spending extra time in school to get them the additional time and attention they need to prepare for success.  

Are you coming up?  Then let's go!
Students enjoyed seeing how some things have changed since the "old days," (like electricity, the Internet, etc. ) and how some things haven't (like Principal Martinez's glasses!)  

Sam's mom Elizabeth Paxton Houston wore these glasses,
and we heard one of the kids say that they look like the ones Principal Martinez wears.
Oh really?

Yes, Really!  Somethings don't change!!

It is remarkable to consider that we have this wonderful resource right here in downtown Huntsville, and we appreciate the hospitality that the Museum staff showed our kids.  It's a great way for our kids to experience history first hand!

Wow, this is cool!

That was fun!

 Question: Why did the rooster cross the sidewalk?

Answer: To get to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum!

(To the tune of Bingo)
There is a state that is so great, and Texas is its name-o!!

Let's go for a hike!  Scott Johnson's Lupe Martinez heads the line.

Turtles came out to say "hi" to our field trip!

Stewart Elementary's Joby Burgart leads the way!

Humble, but beautiful. 
This is the Woodland Home, Sam Houston's residence from 1847-1859.
If you haven't visited the Sam Houston Memorial Grounds in awhile, you owe it to yourself to stop by.
It is a gorgeous, historic spot in the heart of Huntsville.