Friday, June 6, 2014

Scott Johnson's Students Teaching Students with the help of Animoto, and Ms. Jennifer Lott

Those familiar with Ms. Lott, the Media Special at Scott Johnson Elementary School, know that she is always coming up with creative and cool ways to integrate technology into her students' projects.

Ms. Lott reviews the pictures and audio for feedback.

For one of her latest ideas, she asked fourth graders if they could help their younger fellow students.

The kindergarden and first grade teachers were looking for help teaching their students vocabulary, so the fourth graders were challenged to work in partners or groups of three to create a video using the Animoto online editing tool for the kindergarteners and first graders to use.

Working on Shapes.

They took pictures, recorded video clips and of course researched the definitions of their assigned words.   The fourth graders also used Google's Gmail & Google Drive to manage and place their materials, using the Animoto video creator, they then put it all together, added some fun music and after a lot of time, effort and creativity, they were ready to present.

Having fun taping.

Now all 58 (fifty eight!) videos are available for use for this years's students, and they can also be used for next years' classes, though it might be more fun (and educational) to make new ones!

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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