Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Passionate About Beauty & Business- The Huntsville ISD Cosmetology Program

We were asked to make a video on the Cosmetology Program we have here at the High School. I have been a huge fan of the program and Vanessa Tindall  ever since I got here, so for me it was an opportunity to share my personal enthusiasm and admiration for the program. 

Thanks to all that contributed their perspective, including Stacy Godby, Principal Grimes, the students, Josie and Mrs. Tindall--- and of course Norma & Maria from Lush Salon and stylist Ondria & stylist and manager of Salon Chic, Courtney Jones Wood.

Super gratifying to hear success stories from the HHS Cosmetology program, and to get to include your voice here in the video- thank you!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Welcome to The Hive

Here's a video that we put together for the Huntsville Independent School District Board of Trustees profiling The Hive.. so it's an episode of The Hive about The Hive. 

The hard part of making a video like this is that you can't include everybody who contributes to the making of the show- we have over thirty students that 'officially' contribute and more that submit music, ideas, etc.

So our goal was to show the Board- and everyone - including you- a slice of life and work at The Hive, and why we are so proud of our students.

Matthew Lahey