Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gibbs PreK Students Learn Conscious Discipline from Faculty, Staff and a Couple of Fellow "Pre K-ers" ??

If you happened to visit Gibbs PreK Center the other day, you might be a little confused as to what was going on.

Dr. Rosa Martinez (aka Maria) and Mr. Albert Archuleta (aka Bubba) love their job!

That's because Principal Dr. Rosa Martinez and Assistant Principal Albert Archuleta were no where to be found.  In their place were Maria and Bubba, two overgrown PreK kids with a strange resemblance to both of these school leaders!

He's practicing the Balloon!
The Balloon consists of raising your arms as you breathe in,
arms making a circle like the shape of a balloon, with big exhale like a leaking balloon.

Since Gibbs PreK Center's inception, Conscious Discpline has been an integral part of the curriculum.    Dr. Martinez and Mr. Archuleta, working with Mrs. Pam Payne, a 24 year veteran teacher and longtime Conscious Discpline practioner, have implemented this program in their school to assist teachers with the teaching of social and emotional skills for their students and to assist in classroom management.

You have to get serious before you get goofy.
Pam Payne goes over the important marks to hit before the curtain draws.

As a result, students learn self control and how to self regulate.  Our kids learn how to speak up for themselves and think about how their classmates feel (i.e. empathy).  Ultimately, the kids learn that they are responsible for their own actions (i.e. choice).

Mr. Archuleta demonstrates, "The Wolf"
Three quick in breaths followed by a huge exhale and howwwwwwllllllllll!!!

At this point it may be helpful to remind you that in addition to holding a Masters degree,
Albert Archuleta is currently Master Sergeant (E-8)
in the Amy National Guard, and deployed to Iraq twice!!

Each year, Dr. Martinez, Mr. Archuleta and Mrs. Payne and the staff of Gibbs dedicate specific time to Conscious Discipline by getting up on stage for the entire school so they can model as a group what actions can be taken when kids encounter every day challenges.

Gotta Dance!  Gotta Sing!  Gotta learn Conscious Discipline!!

What kind of challenges? They include getting bumped into by a fellow student on the playground, not being first in line, not wanting to share, everyday transitions (time to clean up, time to go to the bathroom), etc. You can imagine how long the entire list is!

She's all eyes and all ears!

But like developing any skill, these take practice.  So, every time the principals visit with students, they take that opportunity as a "teachable moment" to practice appropriate self regulation and self control skills.  They accomplish this by doing it with them so the kids can see it!

Mrs. Smith smiles while she howls!!!!

Everybody now-----Breathe in and fill that balloon!

Additionally, Dr. Martinez, Mr. Archuleta and Mrs. Payne utilize Google Hangouts on Air to record & share these role-playing scenarios.  The Hangouts, which can be viewed here, provide a way for the team to scaffold, support and model the type of behavior the faculty and staff are working to promote. The content needed to be created easily, and demonstrated by people the children knew.

And it needed to be convenient for the teaching staff to access and use.   Plus, it's available to parents so they can gain insight to what their children are learning, and implement it in their own homes, thus creating a partnership between home and school.

Students join in on the performance- can you hear them HOWL?!

Remember, Huntsville ISD provides a full day PreK program through Gibbs PreK Center.  This is a unique opportunity for our students, as most school districts offer only half day programs.  Studies show that this full day commitment provides quantifiable and qualitative dividends, and we know we are making a difference.

Mr. Archuleta's Dancing Toe was the Opening Act for these performances!

Scene from Behind the Curtain of "Mr. Archuleta's Dancing Toe"
The "crowd" loved it almost as much as Mr. Archuleta!!

Proud to represent the Mighty Gibbs Pre-K Center!!

A High Five on Your Way Out!!

Mr. Toe says, "Good Show!"

The sign on the back wall says it all,
"We Wish You Well!"

Matthew Lahey Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

Thursday, April 9, 2015

If It's April, its Walker County Fair and Rodeo Time!

If it's April in Walker County, then it is Fair Time.  

Ryen takes her pig for a walk.

And if it's Fair Time in Walker County, you know that our Huntsville Independent School District family will be there in a big way!  

Mariah with her heifer, Homer.

It began over thirty years ago, and since then the Walker County Fair and Rodeo, run by community volunteers (which, if you are reading this in Walker County, may include YOU) has played an important part in the lives of our students and their families.

Dustin and his steer Jojo.
There is something for everyone, and the fair welcomes kids with all types of interests and talents.

Emily is a proud goat raiser.
There are the livestock shows, and the "ag projects," as well as the art show, the academic rodeo and the cooking and consumer science projects.

Ally's Jalapeno Relish looks good!
We visited the fair on Monday night and put together this post to share and celebrate everything that we saw.  But make no mistake, this is just a small sliver of the people and projects that make up the Huntsville ISD experience at the Walker County Fair.  Of course if you've been, you know that!

The Three Sisters: Makenzie, Hannah and Makaylah.

The Walker County Fair makes serious money for the youth of Walker County.  
Last year youth sales generated right around $650,000!!

That's the spot!
If you haven't been this year, you still have time to go.  The fair runs through Sunday, April 11, 2015.  You can find answers to any questions you have, including show and sale information, by going to the Walker County Fair and Rodeo website, here.

It may be heavy and she may be in a hurry, but we wanted a picture just the same.
Thank you, Makenzie!

Whenever you go, you will be sure to see some of the Huntsville Independent School District family working, showing, volunteering and having fun.  

Huntsville FFA:  Thinking Outside of the Barn!

This is Bailey, this is Bailey's goat, and...

... this is Bailey's belt buckle.

Wow!  This piece by McKayla is cool!

Are you gonna take my picture?  I'm just curious.

MPMS Agriculture teacher Mrs. Hoke got a visit from her daughter Courtney,
 a recent HISD grad now attending SHSU.

A sampling of items from the wildlife identification challenge.

It's all in the family!  We met Walker County Fair Volunteer Scott Williams and
discovered he's husband to Scott Johnson Elementary's principal, Mrs. Shannon Williams.
Lots of entries- you can't win if you don't play!

Cason surrounded by Dad and Mom.  (Psst- that's Mrs. Moorman from Huntsville Intermediate School.)

Chandler with his support team also known as sister Cheyenne and mom Kelly.

Emily with her dad. She made a handbag for her competition.

Don't I look pretty?

Elizabeth poses in her winning find- Fabulous Under $25.

We caught Baylen on his way to the lamb show.

Huntsville High Students: Miss Congeniality Kara, First Runner Up Morgan and Second Runner up Taylor.

Scrub a dub dub!  Elizabeth scrubs down her heifer.

Keara gives her cow the "Spa Treatment."

Chassity says, "Smile for the camera!"

No Food?  No Photos!
Teammates in the Cooking Challenge- Braden and Cason.
(Team member Bryan is not pictured.)

Family Time at the Fair:
Ryen with her folks.

Jacob strikes a quick pose.

Wally demonstrates his philosophy.
 The work has got to get done- might as well smile while you're doing it!

Justin, his dad and his steer.

Jacob with his mom and dad, and his heifer.

Rebecca with her steer, Frederick.

The scene at the barn.

You never know who you might see at the fair:
Cousins Vicki Cooksey and Jacki Nettuno catching up.

You are looking into the eye of a champion broiler.

Lamb judging on Monday night.

View from the stands- looking forward to the show!

Alexius just before the lamb show.

These guys like what they see as they check out Timmy, Dustin and Garrett's hog recovery trailer.

Jacob and Trip with their 20 foot lowboy trailer.

Dustin made this heavy duty custom truck bumper guessed, his truck!

Maxwell made this dual bench swing.

Bearen made this one of a kind "tail gate table."

Brody and Brandon made this saddle rack.
Yes, it will be up for auction on Saturday.

Mr. Goines and Mrs. Nettuno take a quick break on a jam packed day!

Chandler made this deluxe gun rack.

Harley made this lazy susan gun rack.

Gotta go- looks like if we stick around we might be put to work!

Cade made this fire pit.

Sisters Hanging Out at the Fair:
Vanessa and Vernice

David made this chest with embossed leather for  Mrs. Toney's husband, who works at
Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  (Mrs. Toney is the Registrar at HHS.)

Grayson with his boar goat.

Cameron with his 20 foot car hauler.
(Cameron worked on this with Cordell, not pictured)

Makaylah's goat wants to dance.

Jonah and Jacob with their award winning hay rack.

The Three Amigos or The Three Musketeers- you decide!

Our Superintendent Dr. Wright was there in the stands to catch all the action!
Mance Park Middle School Principal Bennett and friend Rosie were there, too.
There is ALWAYS time for a quick pet of the pigs at the Petting Zoo.

Don't forget to take a picture of me!

The coat is on there to protect their coat.

You drive me crazy but I still love ya'

Makenzie hanging out with her goat.

And Mom Wendy with Grandpa Patterson makes it three generations at the Fair!

We don't know if these folks are Hornets...
...but we like their style!!

A prize every time!

 Chelsea (right) with her mom, Raelynn.

Mrs. Nettuno and one of her countless former FFA students Aaron.

This was too cool- we were walking around and ran into the Sam Houston Rodeo Team!

They do it for the Funnel Cake!
Chandler, Jared and Harley get ready to chow down.

Cyerra, Dani and Nurse Williams take a photo break.

Everybody likes the balloon guy!

Chase with his award winning cowboy cooler.

Now THAT is a snow cone stand!
HHS student Myra can definitely help you with a treat of the frozen kind.

Huntsville Intermediate's Lori Riley with her son Jack, a Huntsville graduate.

There's still time- come on down to the Fair!