Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Students Have a "Face to Face" with Congressman Kevin Brady

Ever wanted to get a face to face meeting with your Congressman?

Live from Washington, DC...it's Rep. Kevin Brady!
(Click the photo to enlarge, click enlarge photo to begin slide show.)
Students from Mrs. Herrington's Economics class and Mr. Marshall's Government class had that very opportunity earlier today.   The fact that Rep. Brady was in Washington, DC, and the students were in Room 1905 at the High School was no matter, as the students & Rep. Brady utilized Google Hangouts.
Afterward, Mariah said, "It was a good way to communicate and learn more information
about everything that is going on."

Demi, Lindsay Desmond and Rebecca listen intently.

Students had the opportunity to ask a wide range questions that directly affect them, from the likelihood of a raise in the minimum wage to the effect of cuts to the military on incoming recruits.

Here's a question that hits close to home. 
The Hangout was linked from the desktop (far left) to the screen.
Also notice the Hovercam placed on the A/V cart.   (This was used for Rep. Brady to see the students).

Mr. Marshall (right) moderated, Josh got to ask a question.
You may remember from a few weeks back that Ms. Pulling utilized Google Hangouts to include her nephew (who is serving in Afghanistan) in a lesson on Veterans' Day for her first graders.  Remember, this is available to all teachers in the district.  The service is free, and today's session went well.  (There was a short delay in the transmission, though everyone had an easy time compensating for it by waiting for a second before speaking.)  So teachers, contact us if you would like to incorporate a video call into your students' learning.  We'd love to get you started. Email us at iTechs (at sign) huntsville-isd.org

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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