Friday, December 20, 2013

Bullying- Not in Our House!

At Huntsville Elementary School in Huntsville, Texas, fourth graders Austin, Jacob, Justin and Robert made a video about the issue of bullying. Under the guidance of school counselor Stephanie Sanders and the help of much of the staff and faculty, they created the video below addressing what "Caring" means (the school's character word for December).

Meet the Filmmakers!

They interviewed classmates and teachers asking the following questions:

-What is bullying?

-How does it feel to be bullied?

-What does it mean to be a good friend?

-What should you do if you are bullied or if you see someone being bullied?

The video contains interviews and some acted scenes.
The filmmakers presented their video to each grade during enrichment time,
with the conversation guided by Mrs. Sanders.

Then the students participated in an activity that helped them understand the concept of caring.
These kids are drawing a picture, older grades wrote good things about a fellow student.
A helping hand for someone who fell off the slide.

Here's the video- they hope that you enjoy it, and that you find it helpful!


(The fourth grade team included some of their favorite songs, so there are some restrictions and you may not be able to play this video on your phone.  On a PC visiting Youtube you should have no problem.  In the event you encounter any issues, click here to go directly to YouTube.

They want to thank the students and staff interviewed for this video:  Ben, Cassia, Gregorio, Holden, James, Jazlyn, Ke'andrea, Lexi, Madison and Marshall.  Miss Fitzgerald, Mr. Lahey, Mrs.Nicks, Mrs. Sanders and Mrs.Turner

They also want to thank Mr. Baker and Mr. Hooks in our HISD Transportation Department, and the entire cafeteria staff at Huntsville Elementary School.

They want to thank Principal Nicks, Assistant Principal Turner and the everybody at Huntsville Elementary.

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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