Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HHS CJ Interns from Mrs. Godby's class share Project-Based-Learning (PBL) with 3rd graders at Stewart Elementary.

Jared Johnson engages the students
Last week, HHS Criminal Justice Interns presented lessons on bullying and drugs to students at Stewart Elementary.  

Vanessa Macias and Lilly Mejia

Each Intern had to use their creativity and problem solving skills to send a message to the 3rd graders about bullying and drugs. 

The Interns also discussed with the students about "How America is Unique" and the roles that these students have in being an American.  

            Zitlalic Madera and Dannie Reeves(holding flag)
     Tyler Harris, Jared Johnson, and Desiree Cortez in front.  

The PBL experience was beneficial for everyone and definitely showed confidence and talent in all students.

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