Friday, December 20, 2013

Cosmetology Students Bring the Spa to HES: An Awesome Idea that created a Couple of Awesome GIFs

Mrs. Vanessa Tindall's Cosmetology Students brought the "Spa to School" when they spent the day at Huntsville Elementary School offering Holiday the form of complimentary hand massage and paraffin wax treatments.

Miss Ebhamen enjoys Carolina's massage.
They created stations out of desks, dimmed the lights, played soothing music and turned on the Scentsy to bring as much of the full experience to their clients.  

Teachers and Staff came during conference times- here we have a full house.  Mrs. Bass smiles as Cosmo Two student Tanna works her magic.

Going to work.

Cosmo Two student Shiann and Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Smith share a conversation.

To the uninitiated, the paraffin wax process may look a little odd but it sure does work!

The right scent, the right music & the right lighting set the right mood.

HES Principal Koren Nicks asked Mrs. Tindall if her students would be available to visit, and Mrs. Tindall jumped at the chance to share her students' talents, spread some cheer (and get some extra practice in, too.)   The Cosmetology Salon (located at the High School) will be back open at the beginning of the year on Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. - 4:30p.m., and at 8:30 p.m. by appointment.  They also accept appointments for 7:45a.m. on Fridays.  Call them at 936-435-6134 for more information.

Cosmo Two students Rebecca and Jackie take a break.

Assistant Principal Turner says- "Thanks, I needed that!"

And now for the Automatically Awesome GIFS..!  An Auto Awesome GIF is a series of photos that are animated in a loop.  These have become very popular in the last year or two- they are all over Facebook and Tumblr, and now they have overtaken this post. :-)

We proudly present you Cosmetology Two in all their full color GIF-dom.
From Left to Right...

Top Row
Wendy (on Left, Dark Hair, Pulled Back), Maria (Long Hair, Red Blouse, Tan Jacket)
Viri (Long Dark Hair, Printed Top) Stacy (peeking from behind in back on far right)

Middle Rows 
Rebecca (far left, Red Hair & Glasses) Shiann (black necklace),
Rebecca (Glasses, Long Dark Hair)
Tanna in very center,  Kaily (just behind Tanna, with White Bow)
 Jackie (Pink shirt), Ana (striped blouse with highlights) Montoya (on Right in Blue)

Bottom Row
Tammany, MacKenzie and Lidia

At the end of the day, things got a little silly-is Cosmo 2 on a roller coaster or are they doing the wave!? 

With Google's recent photo editing upgrade in Google+ called Auto Awesome, the program will automatically create these for you when you upload a series of similar photos.  You can read all about Auto Awesome Features here.  These above are made up of 15-20 images.  

Everyone in the district has access to Google+, so you can do these, too.  Fun? Absolutely. Educational? You tell us- you or your students can get creative and share.  

You can read more about these and other photo editing features on the Google blog here and on technology website, The Verge.  The Auto Awesome features are definitely amazing, and we'll introduce you to more throughout posts in the new year.

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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