Friday, December 20, 2013

"Good" Projects! HHS Student Council spreads the Holiday Cheer.

Who wouldn’t tis the season to be jolly with students like ours at HHS?!  Last week, Student Council students put on their work boots to pass out a little Christmas spirit and show appreciation to our staff for this holiday season.

Members of the Student Council on one of their treks in their mission to bring cheer.
(left to right,  Lily, Mariah and Yadira)
Council members loaded up a red & green, crepe papered cart full of sweet treats and covered every hallway of the high school, stopping to spread their cheer to staff as they passed by their classrooms, offices, and work stations.  

No Food or Drink- unless you are bringing us goodies!
“At first, teachers were asking us how much we were selling the cookies for, but we told them we brought them as gifts. They were really surprised” says senior Maria. “We were excited to be giving goodies to our wonderful, hardworking staff members.”

StuCo members actually did more than travel the hallways handing out treats. They actually donated all the items themselves. What began as a plan to give out candy canes as holiday gifts evolved into a much more elaborate venture.

All baked goods and treats were donated by the Student Council members.

Ms. Debbie Choate has serious deciding to do.
Ms. Carol Nichols is enjoying the treat.

"I am new to StuCo this year and it is a lot of hard work.  Thank goodness that I have some fantastic students involved.  We are hoping to carry on some old traditions and try and make some new ones." Ms. Stacy Godby, Student Council sponsor, notes that her students came up with the idea for this project and thought that it needed to be a big production in order to show their appreciation for their teachers. 

Their shirts say it all:  "Be the Good; Believe There is Good in the World."
This is not StuCo’s first "Good" project. Earlier in the semester, during teacher inservice, they brought goodies around to staff members preparing the building for the first day of school.

We truly appreciate our teachers and staff in Huntsville ISD, but it sure is wonderful to be shown just how much you mean to your students. We love our kids at HHS! Thanks to the Student Council for helping make HISD a great place in our community. Happy holidays indeed!

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  1. It's a big deal to do small things with great love! Way to show teachers and staff that they matter. Doing good is time well spent!