Thursday, August 7, 2014

What We Do On Our Summer Vacation

What do our students do on their summer vacation?  

One of the fun things to see is the older students
(and alumni) comeback to work with younger kids.

For a lot of our students, at least a portion of their summer is spent here in the District.  
Students learn, practice, prepare and try new things at one of the countless camps our programs run throughout the summer.  

Soon, they'll be pointing those things at us for the Yearbook!
Recently, we picked a few days, asked around and took a look at what was happening.  
What we found was a small sliver of a widely diverse offering. 

Having fun working hard.

 Check out some of the photos we caught at the softball camp, with the cheerleaders as they developed new routines, of the football camp in full swing, as the yearbook camp welcomed new "yerds" (a term of endearment Yearbook + Nerd = Yerd ) and 
as an informal daily soccer scrimmage played for the love of the game.  

Everyday they can,  they do.  Playing soccer- for the love of the game.
Of course, there's volleyball, band, chorale, baseball, basketball, track, dance, advanced academics, wrestling  and  most everything else you can think of- just ask a Hornet what they're up to and they'll give you the scoop.

Mrs. Mandy Stewart goes through the camera with a new yearbook student.
Checking out the game, and waiting for their turn at the plate.

Coach Robert "Trey" Taylor takes a break from the scrimmage.

How many reps can YOU do?

The football players weren't the only ones in the program that lifted weights this summer.  After the transportation department finished painting their old equipment, Coach Southern and his staff brought the refurbished equipment & fifteen thousand pounds of weight over to Mance Park for the junior high athletic department.

Bustin' a Move!

Ready to unleash!
Just so: Last thing these footballers do is make sure the weights are put back correctly.

It's a special twist to the running laps.
The person at the back of the line has to sprint to the front of the line,
and everybody gets a turn to sprint!
On the last day, it was game time!

Mapping out the new routines.
The "Hit and Run"

A quick break.

Not sure when you last did one of these, but you may remember this feeling...

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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