Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It May Be Summer, But That Doesn't Mean It's a Vacation!

Drive around the district during the summer and you don't see many cars in the school parking lots. That's because, for most people, summer time means vacation.  

Nadine Pharries photographed in one of her favorite places (the ceiling)
doing one of her favorite things (running cable)-
No wonder she's a happy lady!
But that's not so for the Technology, Administration, Food Service and Maintenance & Operations Teams.  In fact, you'll find that for some employees, everyone else's vacation time is their busiest time of the year.  

Mr. Kelley painting the facade of Gibbs PreK.
Wait 'till you see how good this looks when it is done!
We caught up with a few of the many folks that "make this place go" as they themselves were on the move around the school district, working hard and crossing off items on their summer project to-do list.

These ladies are on the way up!
Marilyn Roberson and Norma Bookman ride the lift up to the facade at Gibbs PreK.

The summer project list is long, and includes chiller maintenance, painting, deep cleaning and refurbishing.  

Richard reaching for the correct port.

Look around this summer and you'll see folks at each campus taking care of the work.

Some of the Technology Team heading to HIS for E-waste recycling.
L-R Rob Kennedy, Dominic Francisco, Derek Waller (back),William "Ben" Stubbs and Richard Williamson.

Ana Bonilla- She helps Gibb PreK keep moving forward!

At each campus, a principal and one staff person are not only "holding down the fort," but fielding phone calls, sending emails and handling all sorts of preparation in anticipation of the upcoming school year, 2014-15.
Patty Nunley humors the photographer so she can get on with her work!

Come late August when everyone else returns, no doubt some of these folks' work will go unnoticed. For the most part, that's OK with them because most of their work is out of the spot light.  

That said, we all would sure notice if it didn't get done, and we thank them for working steady through the summer! 

Operators are standing by at HISD Technology.
Sorry, Lori does not accept collect calls.

A familiar sight around the halls this time of year.

John Eubanks giving the floors a good scrubbing.

Deandre Bryant in the middle of MPMS moving.

Wow- the place looks good!
The new weights in the newly refurbished weight room at HHS.
The old weights are to be refurbished and given to Mance Park.

Coach A.J. Wilson keeps an eye on Fabian for proper form.
The weights may not be any lighter, but the place sure is a lot better to train in!

Merlene "Polly" York taking care of business at HHS.

Can you hear me now?
Attendees to next year's HHS Gym events may not look up to see these sound dampening panels,
but they will definitely hear the difference that this summer project makes when the echoes are minimized.

Jim Kreier is putting a lot of miles on the truck,
helping manage all the projects throughout the District this summer.

Scott Johnson Elementary's Penny Foley takes a second for a photo before getting back to it.

Over at Mance Park, it's a chance to do some furniture rearranging and update room usage.
Pictured here are AP Christell Marshall and M&O's Derrick Taylor.

It may not smell so nice as it's poured on, but boy does that finish look fine when it's dry!

So shiny, a Hornet could see itself in the reflection...

Now that is officially "Hornet Green."

Tech team, roll out!
Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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