Monday, August 11, 2014

The First Ever Huntsville ISD Teacher Induction Academy Has Begun!

Earlier this morning, almost 115 new to Huntsville ISD teachers began the first ever Huntsville Independent School District Teacher Induction Academy at Huntsville High School.

New Teachers Heather and Daena just realized they're from the same home town.
Our Interim Superintendent Sonny Cruse introduced our team of directors at the first session.
The Academy runs for four days, culminating in a luncheon and ceremony at Magnolia Lake on Thursday with our interim superintendent Sonny Cruse and local dignitaries as our special guests.

Taking notes in the first session-
do you notice that Mary already has the T-shirt?  You go Girl!
Darius (left) came to us from Dallas ISD
and is all smiles about getting to know Huntsville.  Anthony is in blue to the right.
But between now and then, these teachers will learn about our district, and be taught, guided and able to participate in discussions on subjects including:

Basics of Special Education
Building Relationships with Students
Classroom Management
Communicating Online and Managing Devices in the Classroom
Introduction to Tech Systems
Make and Take Session for Classroom Management
Mindset: Why it's Not Just Our Abilities & Talent That Bring Us Success
Participation in a Panel Discussion of District Mentor Teachers
Positive Behavior Management
Planning the First Week of School

Plus the time to get down to the nitty gritty on their personal philosophy of consider and answer the ultimate question, "Why Do I Teach?"

Amy Mayer, leader of the Mindset Session, proposes a question to you-
Do you believe that EVERY student can learn?  

Carlicia Alexander getting to know Huntsville ISD. 

Lindsay and Rachel consider the two mindsets- growth and fixed.

Lunch time!

Elizabeth and Makinzie take a break for photo over lunch.

And throughout the Academy there will be several opportunities to work with mentors, with one session dedicated to asking the panel of District Mentor Teachers their hardest questions!

Rudy Rios is thinking..."This is getting good!"
For these four days, our staff and faculty will dedicate themselves to our incoming teachers, carving out these days to get acquainted, accustomed, up-to-speed and inspired to bring their best selves to the class room.
Amy and Jennifer are ready for the next session.
We provide instruction, inspiration and deliver time to get ready for their new adventure before the 'craziness' of the school year begins.   Our new teachers deserve our best, because our children deserve the best!

Dakotah and Ruby- good food and good conversation.

Underlying everything that you teach is our belief system, which is that all children can learn.

Melissa (in pink- top left hand corner) leads the Tech Apps session with her fellow iTechs.

"Things can get profound in these sessions," thinks Paul Hastings.

Kim Beth Buchanan leads the Curriculum Cornerstone sessions.
"Do you have the will, and the skill, to be a good teacher?" asks Kim Beth.

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  1. It was great to meet and talk with the new teachers yesterday!