Monday, May 12, 2014

Pizza and Serious Conversation- High Schoolers' Regular Lunch Meeting with Dr. Johnson

Today marks the last lunch meeting of the year of one of the most unique groups in Huntsville Independent School District.
They joke it's like Las Vegas:  What's Said in Here Stays in Here
It happens every nine weeks, and it's closed to everyone but the group's "regulars."  It's Superintendent Dr. Steve Johnson's meeting with a diverse group of Huntsville High School students, where they share pizza and have honest conversations.

Chandler shares his opinion.
Dr. Johnson began this three years ago when he began his tenure as Superintendent in the District, as he sees this as a forum to hear directly from his students.  The rules are simple- be respectful, be honest and don't hold back.  Everything shared in this meeting is confidential. 

Carolyn & Treasure listen intently.
There have been many changes that have come about as a result of these discussions over pizza.
True to the nature of the meetings, Dr. Johnson allows for student input and then shares with them why some changes are possible while others may not be.
Dr. Johnson
Pizza and Serious Conversation

Although this was the last meeting this year, you can be sure it'll pick right back up next year.

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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