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There's Just One More Thing Before You Go... Huntsville ISD Awards Celebration!

School was over.  The students had left and summer was on everyone's mind.  So why were hundreds of Huntsville ISD staff and faculty gathered together in the Huntsville High School Commons?

I wonder what they are joking about???
Technology's Nadine Pharries and Superintendent Dr. Howell Wright share a laugh as she receives her service award,
while Mistress of Ceremonies and HISD Director of Communications Shannon Duncan smiles in background.
Well, if you have to ask, then you don't know about our annual awards celebration here at Huntsville ISD... and we are here to tell you!

Hornets Hornets everywhere!

It's the end of the year gathering that gets our HISD folks together, before everyone scatters hither and yon for the summer.

These guys know each other?!  We need to keep them separated!
Huntsville High's Scott Bumbaugh hanging out with Mance Park Middle School's John Rhine.

It's one last chance to say hi and reconnect, as we take the time to recognize the milestones in service, retirement and exceptional work that our faculty and staff accomplish.

Helllllooo Ladies!  Stewart Elementary's Janita Soto, Margie Cantu, Amy Salazar

Daughter and Mom Team:
Samuel W. Houston Elementary's Melanie Davis and PEIMS Specialist Claire Southern

The folks are all ears!

This year, Dr. Wright took the opportunity to update and inspire, and Director of Staff Development and District Initiatives Amy Mayer & new Engaged Learning Coach Bridget Smiley shared their department's mission.

Board of Trustees President Patrick Antwi welcomed all of us, and lead us in an opening prayer.

The food was fantastic, and we were happy to be in such good company.  Many members of our Board of Trustees were able to attend and help celebrate, including Board President Mr. Patrick Antwi and Vice President Mrs. Tracy Stoudt, along with fellow trustees Dr. Karin Olson Williams and Mr. J.T. Langley.

Dr. Wright shared what he discovered from us in the District during his first 90 days,
updated us on our Five Year Plan,
and challenged us to become world class educators.

Come for the Bacon Topped Cinnamon Rolls, Stay For the Awards!
(Thank you Henry Tapia and the Child Nutrition Services Department!)

It was a great morning, and a wonderful way to end the year...and start the summer!

Huntsville ISD Director of Technology Tracie Simental and
outgoing Director of Staff Development and District Initiatives Amy Mayer.
We are sad that Amy is leaving us, but are excited for her and her family!!

Stewart Elementary's Cafeteria Manager Sylvia Kelly was keeping the fresh pineapple coming!

Good news for HHS's Coach Rick Burns- they have plenty of food!

Stewart Elementary's Counselor Connie Mathis and HISD's Director for Accountability and Assessment
Angee Andrus take a break from catching up to indulge the photographer!

Stewart Elementary's Donald Baiter and Eldy Roca relaxing before the awards.

OK Ladies, on the count of three, say "Summer!"
Sherry Shirley and Robin Milller of Stewart Elementary.

Maintenance Technicians Juan Lopez and Rudy Carino are happy to be here! 

Smiling Science Teachers!
HHS's Jacki Dawson and Jennifer Moore.

This photo is a Huntsville High School Biology thing!
Teachers Christina Jeffcoat and Kimberly Theisen

That's Huntsville Elementary School's Robyn Bell up there!
(2014-15 recipients of the "Educator of the Month" and "Employee of the Month"
 had their photos projected on the big screens! 

Are substitute teachers honored?  Yes they are!
We congratulate
Vivian Cox, Dezarae Darlin, Charles Greggs, Juana Jimenez, Kennisha Murray,
Brooke Popp, Sandra Welch and Johanna Whaley!

Samuel W. Houston Third Grade Teachers Represent!
Jessica Moore,  Crystal Wilding and Jasmine Akin.
Good luck Crystal out West with your family!

Two of Scott Johnson's finest! Kim Bolton and Penny Foley.

Hey there Scott Johnson Peeps!
Laci Chatham, Rachel Marino and Melissa Miller are having fun in the morning time!

Samuel W. Houston's Sarah Muñoz was there, so you know it was a big deal!

Assistant to Dr. Wright Sherry Odom is on the receiving end of outgoing Director of Special Education
Allison Hollis' hug and kiss- Allison, we will miss you... and your hugs and kisses!? :-)  

The Terrific Twosome of Huntsville High School's Lydia and Rudy Rios.

The Dynamic Duo of Husband and Wife Stanley and Barbara Lesikar.
Both work at Huntsville High School.

If you were paying attention (and we know you were), you saw a time lapse video
showing all the people and work involved getting the Huntsville High School Commons ready to go.
Of course, this kind of necessary work usually remains 'unseen.'

Larry Brown, Director of  Maintenance and Operations, for Huntsville ISD.
Did you know we can read minds, Larry? Right now you are wishing we would take your picture.
Wish granted!

Two of the three screens set up to give everybody a better view!

Custodian Benny Archie steps up for his service award.

Huntsville ISD Deputy Superintendent Sonny Cruse and HHS's Mandy Stewart.

Huntsville Elementary's Nisha Laymon, Come on Down!

HISD Board member J.T. Langley offers his congratulations to Huntsville High's Eddie Pierce.

Samuel Walker Houston's Lonnie Stanford.

Mance Park Middle School's Tiffany Wiggins.

Huntsville ISD board member J.T. Langley and Huntsville High's Teresa Ruiz.

Technology's Rob Kennedy is feeling pretty good right about now!

Huntsville Elementary's Rebekah Smith with Dr. Wright.

Melissa Thornton is celebrating her 25th year with the District,
which if our calculations are right, would mean she was 29!

A meeting of minds: Support Person of the Year, Ronald Kelly with Dr. Wright.

Samuel W. Houston Elementary teacher Janet Clay is excited, and she just can't hide it!
Here she's accepting Elementary Rookie of the Year congratulations from Dr. Wright,
while Board Members J. T. Langley, Tracy Stoudt and Karin Olson Williams smile on!

Go Rolando!!!  Huntsville Intermediate Teacher Rolando Salazar on his way up to receive
his Secondary Rookie of the Year award!

Collaborators on Conscious Discipline for years, Gibbs PreK's Pamela Payne and Principal, Dr. Rosa Martinez.
Mrs. Payne is retiring from Huntsville ISD.

Scott Johnson Elementary School Principal Shannon Williams gets a big squeeze
from our beloved "Nursie" Mary Carden, who retired last February.

Mance Park Middle School Principal Robert Bennett offers a hug of thanks and congratulations
to his retiring assistant, Rebecca Vaughan.

Hornet Spirit right down to our toes...

The Five Goals of our District for our Five Year Plan:
Leadership Development, Engaged in Profound Learning,
Teachers as Leaders & Designers of Learning,
Digital Content, Digital Tools.

And what are goals for our students?
Understanding, Knowledge, Problem Solving, Learning for Transfer,
Skills, Long Term Memory and Active Learning.
As Dr. Wright pointed out, "Test Scores" is not included.
His belief is that if we focus on these goals, the scores will follow.

Amy Mayer introduces us to the Pecha Kucha type of presentation.
What the heck does that mean?  It's a type of presentation style that consists of twenty slides that are shown for twenty seconds each.  What does that mean?  That the presentation goes fast, and has a predetermined end
which means no rambling!

Bridget Smiley in the middle of her tag teamed Pecha Kucha!

If you haven't seen this "Did You Know?" video or would like to share it with a friend,
you can find it embedded at the bottom of this page.  The year 2028 may sound like it's a long time away,
but our youngest students in the District will be graduating in the "Class of '28"

Congratulations and Have Fun!   
Janice Ringo, Mary Carden, Karen Barfoot, Sherri Seals, Gayle Crumpley, Rebecca Vaughan, Kathy Partin, Suellen Gray, and Donna Paschall are all among those of us retiring this year. Thank you for your service to us, and our kids!!

Ronald Kelly is one of the Support Staff Persons of the Year- Congrats, Mr. Kelly!!

Huntsville Intermediate School's Rolando Salazar is Rookie of the Year!

Samuel Walker Houston Elementary's Janet Clay is indeed a "Rising Star!"
Congratulations on your Rookie of the Year Award.

Go Mandy!  Huntsville High's Mandy Stewart is our Innovative Teacher of the Year.  (Secondary)

The Lady, The Legend!  Scott Johnson Elementary's Jennifer Lott won Innovative Teacher of the Year!

Lisa Blackburn, the Administrative Assistant for the Athletic Department of the High School,
is one of our Support Persons of the Year.  Due to a family commitment, she was honored at the Board of Trustees
meeting in May.  This picture was taken at Signing Day this Spring- congrats Lisa!!

Proud to present our Secondary Teacher of the Year, Huntsville High School's Jennifer Barnes!

Gibbs PreK Nurse Esmeralda Lopez is one of our Support Persons of the Year!
Congratulations Nurse Lopez!

Meet Elaine Robinson, one of our Instructional Assistants of the Year!

And let us introduce you to Toni Sikes, also one of our Instructional Assistants of the Year!

Way to go Calvin!!!!   Stewart Elementary's Calvin Ortiz is our Elementary Teacher of the Year!

One more photo on the way out- and thank you to Thomas Freeman and the Maintenance and Operations team!

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