Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Bilingual Students Walk Down the Street, and Back into Texas History at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Grounds.

Recently, the youngest students in the Huntsville ISD bilingual summer program took a walk back in Texas history when they visited the beautiful Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Grounds.

"I Pledge Allegiance..."
Fourth of July was just around the corner, so it seemed particularly fitting
to say the Pledge to the United States and the Pledge to the State of Texas, too! 

Under the guidance of Gibbs PreK principal Dr. Rosa Martinez and summer program teachers Joby Burgart (of Stewart Elementary), Esmina Cardenas (of Gibbs PreK Center) and Lupe Martinez (of Scott Johnson Elementary), these students made the four block journey and spent a few hours touring the museum, checking out the historic houses and hiking around the pond.

It was the perfect break from school work, as these students are spending extra time in school to get them the additional time and attention they need to prepare for success.  

Are you coming up?  Then let's go!
Students enjoyed seeing how some things have changed since the "old days," (like electricity, the Internet, etc. ) and how some things haven't (like Principal Martinez's glasses!)  

Sam's mom Elizabeth Paxton Houston wore these glasses,
and we heard one of the kids say that they look like the ones Principal Martinez wears.
Oh really?

Yes, Really!  Somethings don't change!!

It is remarkable to consider that we have this wonderful resource right here in downtown Huntsville, and we appreciate the hospitality that the Museum staff showed our kids.  It's a great way for our kids to experience history first hand!

Wow, this is cool!

That was fun!

 Question: Why did the rooster cross the sidewalk?

Answer: To get to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum!

(To the tune of Bingo)
There is a state that is so great, and Texas is its name-o!!

Let's go for a hike!  Scott Johnson's Lupe Martinez heads the line.

Turtles came out to say "hi" to our field trip!

Stewart Elementary's Joby Burgart leads the way!

Humble, but beautiful. 
This is the Woodland Home, Sam Houston's residence from 1847-1859.
If you haven't visited the Sam Houston Memorial Grounds in awhile, you owe it to yourself to stop by.
It is a gorgeous, historic spot in the heart of Huntsville.

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