Friday, May 29, 2015

The Huntsville Mountain Bike Team: It's NOT just about the bike!

Now if you know anything about Huntsville Intermediate School Fifth Grade PE Teacher Coach Brad Didier, you know he has a passion for bicycling.   

What's up, Coach?
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page.

So much that, with the help of Mr. Kiser at Huntville Intermediate School (also a passionate cyclist)  and fellow community members and parents, he launched a mountain bike team at the High School in 2011.  

Let it Begin!!
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page
As a member of the Texas Mountain Bike League, the teams don't have tryouts and there is not a Varsity / Junior Varsity designation.  It's about getting interested high schoolers on bikes, so much that if you are in high school and you make the commitment to be on the team, you may not even need a bike!  (That's because they might be able to spot you one for awhile!)

Megan and Coach Didier
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page.
What has all this added up to for the Huntsville Hornet Mountain Bike Team?? 

Besides having a lot of fun, getting out into the fresh air and building up camaraderie, it's also added up to some phenomenal success for our student athletes, including exceptional results in both individual and team categories.

Texas Girls State Mountain Bike Champion!
Meet Megan Gautreaux- mild mannered junior off the trail, a (mostly friendly) monster on the trail!

Post Race Congratulations:
Coach Didier and Mountain Bike Team Member Cameron

Another accomplishment of the team has been the success the program has earned in bringing our Huntsville community together.  

Cranking down hard.
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page.
As you can imagine, the budget for a mountain bike team is next to nothing, but the capacity to get people together is huge.  Fundraising and community support is essential for the success of the program.

Coach with Mountain Bike Team Member Destyne Dismuke.
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page.

#Hornet Proud
One of the earlier moments in the team's history where this was made clear is when a family trailer carrying the team's bikes and equipment was involved in a car wreck.  The family, parents of one of the original mountain bike team members, lost their trailer (it was totaled), but contents were fine.

 $5000- Now that's a big check! To see it for yourself, go to The Bike Spot. :-)
At that point, another parent happened to write to Clif Bar energy foods for a contest called, "Share Your Epiphany."  The dad, Mr. Tim Dixon, shared the story of the Huntsville High's new Mountain Bike Team, and their need for a trailer.  Mr. Dixon's "epiphany" was one of five Clif Bar chose to fund, and they were awarded $5000.00.

Mr. Tim Dixon in front of his shop.  Long before he opened the store,
he was a dad who shared a passion for mountain biking with his kids,
one of which just finished the season on the team.

Last year, Tim Dixon opened his own bike store, The Bike Spot , which has quickly become the go-to place for all things bicycle in Huntsville, as well as serving as the backbone of support for the team and it's unofficial clubhouse.  Tim and crew keep the team going strong and bikes mechanically sound and is also able to offer steep discounts on bicycle parts.

CrossFit Stars and Bars-Marine Veteran and Owner/ Trainer  Elmer Miguel (left) with Trainer Tanner Wheelis
Tanner trains the team here at the gym.

CrossFit Stars and Bars- The Piney Woods Original.  
Located just a few blocks of The Square at 929 University Avenue, Huntsville, Texas 77320

The Mountain Bike team also enjoys phenomenal support from CrossFit Stars & Bars, a CrossFit gym that opens it's facilities and expert trainers for the team, and, Ironworks Gym, which allows our student athletes free use of the their spin class room for indoor bike training.

Iron Works took over the Nautilus Space at 123 American Bank Street. This location is Iron Works Club 2, 
and it's here that Iron Works hosts the Mountain Bike Team for their twice weekly spin classes.

Choose your weapon:  Coach Dixon leads the classes.  Take a look at that back wall...

...and you will see a familiar sight- a fully autographed jersey from a recent season.

Sure it's hard, but it's beautiful, too.
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page

These guys are coaches, family and- mechanics!

At The Bike Spot: Jacob Gautreaux (Dad and assistant coach) and
 Michael Johnson (assistant coach, Chief Course Marshall & Coach Didier's Father in Law)

Feel the Power!
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page

So now the season is over, but don't think for a second that these athletes have stopped riding.  This summer, they will ride when it's cool and get ready for next season. Of course they wouldn't be able to do it without the support of the Huntsville community.

So, thank you, and see you on the trails!

Hey! They clean up nice!
This photo taken from last week's End of Season Banquet.
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page

The Three Amigas
From the Huntsville High School Mountain Bike Facebook Page

Beautiful Photo of the team taken by Samuel Beard.


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