Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Innovation Day Returns to Samuel Walker Houston Elementary

Yesterday might have seemed like a typical Monday in May here in the District, but inside Samuel Walker Houston, the kids were having their say, learning what they wanted and working on projects they came up with for themselves.

What did you do at school today?  She wrote a song!

Sounds chaotic?  Call it "controlled chaos," as yesterday was the culmination of weeks of planning by the staff, faculty and (of course) students at the school.

Principal Cryer checking out a shark diorama.
Students worked with teachers on the focus and scope of each project, and the faculty, staff and community volunteers worked together to plan and execute.

A birdhouse modeled on a church!
What did the students create???

Cooking in the Kitchen: Mrs. Phillips with a student chef.
Well, yesterday when we were there we heard a freshly written song, saw a movie shoot, checked out a bird house and perused a brand new book.  We saw (and smelled!) cakes and pizza, saw a robot, learned about Utah and learned that shark babies are called, 'pups.'  (And of course that's just the beginning!)

Welcome to his pizzeria- also known as the Samuel Walker Houston Elementary Cafetorium!

Ms. Nina Baker- the Lady organized it all!
The idea started at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary three years ago.  Earlier that year, our iTech team read about a business concept allowing employees given time and resources to pursue their interests applied to students in education, and the SWHE administration jumped in with both feet!

(Remember when we said, "controlled chaos."?)

Since then, the teaching staff, this year lead by kindergarden teacher Ms. Nina Baker, have taken over the lead and it is 100% campus driven.  They continue to host Innovation Day because they believe in this opportunity to engage the students in the creation of their own learning. 

She learned to sew
By the way, if you're interested in learning more about Innovation Day, you can watch a video we made that first year by scrolling all the way down this post.

Is it a dress or a wig?  How about both?

We want to congratulate the staff, the faculty, the students and the community volunteers from Target and Home Depot for all coming together to make yesterday a wonderful day of learning, and a whole lot of fun!

Mrs. Zitzmann and friend working hard and having fun.

Before you make a dress, you have to sketch the design.

Ms. Weidman helps her student get the fitting just right.

This Home Depot volunteer helps get the measurement just right.

This outfit has an orange top and yellow skirt!

The Book of Gettysburg- Not too early to learn about history!

This photo gives me the feeling of Project Runway!

This author with her book about horses, turned to the Title Page.

This frosting is turning into a beautiful, delicious mess!

This is a pizza with extra extra extra pepperoni!

Ms. Mayra Colunga helps get the pieces just right!

Thank you to Huntsville ISD Nutrition & Food Services for letting us safely cook and bake all day!

Mrs. Autery has got that, "Innovation Day," spirit!

Cool Hello Kittty!!

Ms. Hardy and a Mom Volunteer Mrs. Yackel have time for a photo- as long as it's quick!

It's getting toward the end of the day, and these two are cleaning up!

More "controlled chaos!"

Greetings from the Game Coding room!

Behind the scenes at the Video Shoot.

This is fun!

OK, which one is the robot??

Hi, from my creation!

Get to know Utah!

Meet the (robot) family!

Ms. Killingsworth: Have glue gun, will travel!

Take me to your teacher!

Thank you Target Volunteers!

This cake has L-O-V-E written all over it!

One of our Target volunteers sealing up the goodness of these cookies!

Bakers and friends.

A shark with her pups.

A volcano made of...Oreos!

Making a Fresh Salad!

Whistle while you work?  How about smile while you stir?!

Samuel Walker Houston Students are KID STRONG!


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