Monday, March 2, 2015

Mance Park Eighth Graders Go To Our Nation's Capital Hashtag: #MPMSDC2015 #AmazingTrip

Spring Break is next week, but a group of Eighth Graders at Mance Park Middle School, already had their travel adventure for the year.  They have the memories and the hashtag to prove it:  #MPMSDC2015

In front of the Capital building: the gang is all here! 

For over 12 years, Seventh Grade math teacher Mr. Jamie Nash has taken a group of Huntsville ISD kids and parents to Washington, DC, to see our Nation's Capital.

Beautiful on a snowy evening.

And this year, like most, Seventh Grade Science teacher Johanna "JoJo" Ullrich has been right along with him, helping keep the kids safe and on track for a wonderful trip.  Each trip is thoroughly scheduled, and each year is unique.  This year, the group experienced some record breaking cold and more snow than some had ever seen!

The Air and Space Museum is full of cool stuff!

All the while during the trip, Mr. Nash takes photos and posts them to his website at the end of the day, so the family back home can get a taste of what the students are experiencing.  He even blogs during the trip.  (All photos of the trip in this post are provided by Mr. Nash.  Click here to be taken to the website, and here to see the blog.  )

New for 2015, Mr. Nash created a hashtag so both he and the kids' postings to Facebook and Twitter are easily found. By the way, a hashtag is a word or phrase- in this case MPMSDC2015 (for Mance Park Middle School District of Columbia 2015) preceded by the pound sign -hash mark- used to identify posts on a specific topic.

The group at Gettysburg. #Chilly :-) 

Snowball fight?  Snowballlll fighhhhhttttt!!!!

The students check out the sights including The White House, the US Capital Building, and Gettysburg, as well as museums and memorials throughout the area.

Icy Roads Possible, Snowy Roads Absolutely

Mr. Nash has a passion for photography and loves to give the kids and their families that extra "something" to enrich their experience and memories.  He figures he will handle the sights and the group shots, and the students will handle taking pictures of themselves.

Was it cold and snowy?  Yes.  Was it amazing and awesome?  Yes!
Eighth Grader and DC Trip veteran Caitlyn photographed back home in Huntsville, TX (It's green!)

Mr. Nash's website is not only stocked with photos, but also information and readings to enrich your trip, so check it out, and in case you were wondering, he is getting ready for next year's trip!

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