Friday, March 6, 2015

Kids Read to Kids: Mance Park Students Read Across the District for Read Across America Day

This past Monday was Read Across America Day, and members of the Mance Park National Junior Honor Society hit the road with books in hand and headed to Scott Johnson Elementary School to celebrate the day by reading to some younger students.

The Perfect Combination
(L-R) Andrew, Hunter and Jaden get into listening about Mega-Rescuers,
and Addie gets into reading about them! 

The students are members of the National Junior Honor Society, and Chapter Advisor and Mance Park Science Teacher Amber Bearden thought that a venture to an elementary school would be a great way to participate in the nationwide event.  (And it's also a very fun way for the MPMS students to earn some of the necessary service hours required by the NJHS.)

Do you think Maya is enjoying this??

Amanda cozies up on the floor with a good book

These kids are all ears and all eyes on Cade.

No wonder MPMS Spanish Teacher Amy Beers is smiling!
She's a council member  to the National Junior Honor Society and a lover of books!

Halee is wondering how this one is going to end!

Braden reads, and Gabby thinks, "Verrry interesting!" 

Kids weren't the only ones that enjoyed the day-
Second Grade Teacher Stacie Roberts was impressed with Mance Parkers and her kids.
Everyone was really into it!

Jason looks like he's thinking- "And then what happens?!"

A book we know and love: "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog"

Blake reads from Actual Size.  Yes, that picture of the spider is...actual size!

Mance Park Science Teacher & National Junior Honor Society Advisor Amber Bearden.
Monday was definitely not a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!"
David (right) thinks, "Can you please take the pic because Alodi and I are trying to listen here!"
Robert takes a breath before getting back into it.

The members of the National Junior Honor Society just before getting on the bus.
How many books do you think they read?  A lot!

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