Friday, March 6, 2015

A New Year, a New You, a New Day, a New You...A New Moment, A New You!

This blog post is not what it was supposed to be about.

Yes we can.
A student (who's a teacher) in Aerobics Class led by Crystal Wilding,
Third Grade Teacher at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary.

Several weeks ago, we had the opportunity to see various groups around Huntsville Independent School District marking the new year (and new semester) by trying something new.

It's opposite day when Hailey & Noelle keep score for the adults.
Huntsville Intermediate's Fifth Grade Coach Brad Didier (aka "Coach D")
 is organizing Faculty Fun days after school.

As things sometimes go, this post was placed on the back burner, and then?

What?  That was totally in!! or, what I meant to say was,
"Respectfully, I am inclined to disagree with you...and I would like to forward the opinion that the ball was in fact in."

And then? And then time passed.

At Huntsville Elementary, they started a new initiative focusing on the importance of reading aloud to students.
Second Grade Teacher Courtney Duerer with Brandon and one of his favorites- "Skinnybones."

Now it's March, and we looked at the photos, thought about the story and started thinking that maybe we missed our moment on this post.  We thought it might be too late.  Is it too late?

First Grade Teacher Elizabeth Matchett is leading a faculty and staff walking club at Stewart Elementary.

Well, yes and no.  It's too late to write a "New Year, New You," post, but it's not too late to share these initiatives.

Huntsville Intermediate's Rolando Salazar brings the heat! 

So let's change up the topic of this post, and salute what our folks are doing in the district, and let's tell them that, if it's working, keep going strong!

Huntsville Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Melissa Crowder likes to read aloud!

And what if it's not working?  Well kudos to you (and, "kiss your brain!" to quote an elementary teacher or two)  for trying something new.

Third Grade Teacher Crystal Wilding has a passion for health and staying active, and enthusiasm to share it!
She leads the aerobics after school at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary.

And if you had to take a break on the initiative or put it on pause for testing, schedule changes, etc.? Then we hear you and we know you will pick it up again as soon as you can!

Anybody who knows "Coach D."  knows that this is a photo of him at rest.

It can be a New Year and a New You, a New Day and a New You, and as we live in each moment, we can decide that it's a New Moment and a New You!

Huntsville Intermediate School Principal Delanise Taylor watches
 the volleyball game from the (relative) safety of the sidelines!

At Huntsville High School, Nurse Tina Williams (RN) is spearheading the annual weight loss challenge.

Post workout, and it feels good! 
Samuel Walker Houston Elementary Assistant Principal Courtney Lucas and Counselor Judy Phillips.

Assistant Principal Kerri Thorp getting down to some serious play.

Kathy Goree,  the PE IA for Sixth Grade Huntsville Intermediate, started a morning walking club before school.

Huntsville High School Counselor Nikki Surley won last year's weight loss challenge.
This year, she's back again to keep it off!

 Keiyonna and Teacher Mrs. Merillat  at Gibbs PreK Center.
Keiyonna was being praised for making safe choices.
(Doesn't feel good to be caught doing good?!)

This is actually fun!
Johnathan Cox at Huntsville Intermediate after the match.
(Jonathan is now an inclusion teacher at HHS.)

Fill in the blank caption:
These ladies are_________(that's right) putting their best foot forward. :-) 

The Path Forward:
The walking club uses this sidewalk outside of Stewart Elementary.

A New Year, a New You.   A New Day, a New You.  A New Moment, a New You!

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