Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"To Start a Fire, To Arouse & Inspire" Kindle E-readers Come to Stewart Elementary

What is everyone looking at????
(Pictured clockwise from left:  Da'Nirrya in aqua sweatshirt, Nicholas  in black & grey sweatshirt,
Brittany in Blue, Angela in pink and Jaden in grey t-shirt) 

Amazon came up with the name "Kindle" for their e-readers, and that term is also very fitting for what Stewart Elementary School Librarian Ms. Johnson is creating with the help of Mrs. Mathiews and Mrs. Miller's students.

Miss Robin Miller's class gets a guided tour.

Ms. Johnson uses her hovercam to project an image of the Kindle so everyone can see her demonstrating.

Ms. Johnson, a recipient of a Huntsville Education Foundation grant, is introducing e-readers to our elementary students, hoping they will "catch fire" and spread throughout our District.  The Kindles come preloaded with everything from National Geographic, to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ramona and The Magic Treehouse.

Mrs. Mathiews and Miller's class are familiar with Google Forms, so the sign up is a cinch.
(Ms. Johnson also created a feedback form in Google to get the kids honest opinion- not liking a Kindle is OK!)
As this is a new program, she is piloting with a few classes and making sure that she gets the student input before growing the program or buying a lot of devices.  Checkouts are for a week, and parents must first sign a permission slip.

Claudia waits her turn while Neelam checks it out for herself.

Why is Ms. Johnson smiling?  Well, if you know her she's usually smiling... plus here she's grateful
for the Amazon gift card donated by a parent to help buy books!
(Thank you, parents!)

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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