Monday, April 7, 2014

Helping Fill the Pantry with Backpack Buddies

Do you know about Backpack Buddies???

Backpack Buddies is a program that provides food items to help fill the gap for District families in need. Every Friday throughout the school year, volunteer teams throughout the district converge at the Boys and Girls Club to distribute food donations from the Houston Food Bank.

Don, a SHSU Bearkat football player, brings the goods.
We caught up with the last week's crew from the Athletic Department at Sam Houston State University when they were delivering food to Samuel Walker Houston Elementary.

More groceries coming in courtesy Emily

Soccer teammates Emily and Carlyn get it done.

A Modern Day Cornucopia!

It's a remarkable program in that allows several different groups to join forces to help make a difference to Huntsville kids.

It's a big load, but Mason can handle it.

The program started here in the District about three years ago at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary school with Covenant Fellowship working with The Boys and Girls Club of Huntsville and the Houston Food Bank.  

Xavier shows us how it's done
Over the last few years the program has helped countless families and grown throughout the district.

Top Row: Brad Hagen- Head Bowling Coach, Kevin Rodriguez- Athletic Media Services,
Alex Padron- Football Equipment Manager Donald Jackson- Football Student / Athlete
Middle Row:  Deveney Wells- Gibson Volleyball Student / Athlete, Brittany Gilliard-Student Trainer,
Chris Thompson- Associate Athletic Director, Kimberly Spino- Athletic Marketing Dept.
Front Row: Emily Edenstrom- Soccer Student /Athlete, Carlyn Neubauer- Soccer Student / Athlete,
Megan Ross- Soccer Student / Athlete

In addition to Samuel Walker Houston Elementary's partnership with the SHSUAthletic Department, Huntsville's Junior Service League works to deliver food to Stewart Elementary, and Huntsville's Second Baptist Church delivers to Scott Johnson Elementary.  The program is coming next year to Huntsville Elementary.

SHSU Associate Athletic Director Chris Thompson & Samuel Walker Houston Elementary Counselor Judy Phillips.
Feed 'em Up Kats! Bye until next Friday!

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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