Friday, November 1, 2013

Huntsville High's S.O.A.P Squad Speaks (and Screams, and Sings) Out Against Problems at Scott Johnson Elementary

Wednesday morning, we were lucky enough to catch the Huntsville ISD phenomenon known as The Soap Squad perform for the students of Scott Johnson Elementary School.

Let's get it started!!  (Click image to enlarge, click enlarged image to begin slide show.)

Are you believing this?

Huntsville High School's improv / theater /singing performance team is storming through all of the district's elementary schools for Red Ribbon week.

The troupe is bringing the positive messages of kids staying Drug & Alcohol Free, and also sharing the message that it takes all kids to keep Huntsville ISD a Bully Free Zone.

Now in it's ninth year, HHS counselor and sponsor (aka "Da Bosss!!!") Danielle Williams now has high schoolers that saw the Soap Squad when they were little.  Why does she keep doing it? She knows that it makes a difference...and it doesn't hurt that she loves to act and be silly, too.

Do you think they are listening?

Getting Serious & Looking Ridiculous...yes that is a HHS student with a SpongeBob Toilet seat on his head.

How do you like his plunger?  

Are you ready to do this?

This student wears a red ribbon in her hair to celebrate  Red Ribbon Week.

Afterwards, the Soap Squad always stays for high fives.

First / Top Row- Jared Shirley, David Bohan, Barrett Koerselman, Dawson Smith, Demarcus Hester

Second Row- Chance Hartley, Randy Goodson, Kori Beckman, Sabrina Johnson (squad leader), Trey Williams, High School Counselor Danielle Williams (aka "Da Bosssssss!!!!")

Third Row- Ciera Fowler, Paige Losak, Julian Thorne, Robin Welle, Keona Wynne (squad leader)

Fourth Row- Claudia Guevara, Skylar Smith, Sydney Andrus, Kyndal Ootsy

Fifth /Bottom Row- Eugene Nam

Not Pictured: Serra Bauer

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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