Monday, November 18, 2013

Howdy Bagram! Huntsville Students Call U.S Army Specialist in Afghanistan for Veterans Day

Ms. Autumn Pulling, a first grade teacher at Huntsville Elementary School, had an idea last week- Why don't her students video call her nephew?  

Coming in (Mostly) Loud and Clear. (Click image to enlarge, Click enlarged image to begin slideshow.)

As her nephew is Rick Moseley, a U.S. Army Specialist currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan, and her students were studying Veteran's Day in her social studies unit, she thought a video call would be a great way to go a little deeper in the learning (and make it a bit more exciting) for her students.

First order of business:  Where is Afghanistan?

Before the day of the video call (via Google Hangouts), the class prepared by discussing where in the world Mr. Moseley was stationed, what he was doing there and what kind of questions they wanted to ask him.
Coming Up with Questions.

Students came up with questions including, "Do you have to clean up?" "Do you have a gun?" & "What do you miss most?"
Students Take Turns Asking Questions
"Hi Over There"
Good Listening Going on Here.
After the Google Hangout, Ms. Pulling's students then drew and wrote the answer to their favorite question in their journal.
Drawing the Army Base (or "Compound")
Success! Student teacher Ms. Makinzie Nicks and teacher Ms. Autumn Pulling with the class after the call.
Google Hangouts is available to all teachers in the district.   The service is free, and (while not perfect) the quality was surprisingly good for an internet call to an Army base half way around the world.  Teachers, if you would like to incorporate a video call into your students' learning, contact us and we'd love to help you get it started.  Just email us- iTechs (at sign)

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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