Monday, October 28, 2013

S.H.E. 103 TV- Huntsville TV for You and Me

Samuel W. Houston Elementary's SHE 103 TV News recently premiered their 2013-4 season, and we were there to see it all happen!  Under the sponsorship of Paula Foreman, the Fourth Graders wrote, directed, hosted and edited a newscast that includes a weather forecast, a sports report, a current events round up and a business interview.  Take a look for yourself here:

Just like a "real" newscast, the news team held a pre-production meeting and came up with a rundown before taping.  Working as a team, all members hosted and took turns on camera and lights.

Preproduction Meeting
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The Rundown
Editing is done by the crew after taping,  in the mornings before school.

One of the remarkable things about this program is the support that parent volunteer Holly has contributed over the years.  She has had several children go through the program, and has been a consistent source of help to Mrs. Foreman and the crew.   Holly is seated next to Ms. Foreman below.

Holly and Paula Foreman with 103 S.H.E. The Hive News Team

I (Matthew Lahey) was honored to be interviewed for this episode.  In being interviewed, I joined the ranks of Huntsville Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Johnson and esteemed Huntsville Attorney and School Board member Sam Moak (among others).

Matthew's view from the interviewee chair.

Courtney shares the results of Teacher of the Month voting results.

Brendan gets the lowdown from Mrs. Foreman on the camera.

Mrs. Foreman demonstrates the proper way to handle a tripod.

And now, it's time to meet the team...

News Team Member Tory

News Team Member Preston

News Team Member Trent

News Team Member Skylar

News Team Member Courtney

News Team Member Brendan
Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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