Friday, December 12, 2014

If the Holidays Aren't Here, They Sure are Close!

We have one more week of school before the holiday break, and the holiday spirit has overtaken the District!!

Margie Cantu was nominated "Head Elf" of Stewart Elementary's Giving Tree!
Many schools are sponsoring Giving Trees, where folks are able to buy a gift for a needy child.
Holiday concerts, decorations, pot lucks, special play performances, treats, surprises,"Giving Trees," visits from Santa, our district wide holiday toy drive, our food drive and the countless other activities all make up how we celebrate the Holidays here in Huntsville!

At the high school,  Shelby takes a break from decorating to check out her likeness
for Cosmo's entry in the Huntsville Hive Online's door decorating contest.

Take a look through the photos below to get a taste, and remember, there is another week of celebrating, er, we mean school, to go before the break!

Scott Johnson Elementary's Ms. Lott and Montzerrat.

Samuel W. Houston's Mrs. Ramos and a gift from her Secret Santa...
an official Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

HHS's Mrs. Keithley with some of the actors in The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe,
which is coming to an elementary campus near you!

At Scott Johnson Elementary, first graders are getting ready for their program.

The halls of Gibbs PreK decked out in lights!!

Mr. Zawodny directs the Womens Choir through their final practice
before their holiday concert at the High School.

Comfy in their Jammies- Linda Webb (foreground) and Erica Trube (back)
enjoy The Lion, Witch & Wardrobe with their students at Stewart.

Halt!  And check out the Criminal Justice Christmas Tree!

Gibbs PreK Santa Art!

Scott Johnson Elementary's Mrs. Stringer with Noelle.

Like many organizations, Huntsville High's Student Council is sponsoring a family.
Gibbs PreK- Little hands make the best antlers!

They are on in Five!  Actors in The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.

Stewart Elementary: Learning carols in Mrs. Henderson's music class.

Now that is a happy gingerbread man!
Gibbs PreK- Mrs. Conroy smiles for the Holidays, and beyond!

Gibbs PreK believes we are all super heroes- students and teachers-
so it's only fitting that Santa would join the fun!

The holidays bring out the inventive- Let's all cozy up to the Promethean Board!!
It's empty now, but it will be packed tomorrow!
HHS Glee rehearses for their performance.

Spirit right down to her toes!
HHS Drama students in The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.
This is at the beginning and pre-Wardrobe; they don't know what kind of adventure they are in for!

"Backstage" at The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Hey! Who's that on the right??

Who's that at Gibbs PreK?

At Gibbs PreK, Mrs. Jalifi and Mrs. Robinson have requested the help of a few specific elves.
Telenovela Star Pedro Moreno for Mrs. J, and Mrs. R is thinking Country star George Strait.

Gibbs PreK- OK, this is just plain cute!

Meet the Artist- Huntsville High's Mr. B
posing with one of the pieces he created for sale at the Life Skills Old Time Christmas Shop.

Gibbs PreK- It even looks festive from the outside!

In the front office of Scott Johnson Elementary,
the staff stockings were hung with great care!

At Samuel Walker Houston Elementary, Ms. Clay is rocking the Christmas sweater,
but you are probably wondering, "What does it look like from the back? "

So you glad you asked!  Ms. Clay gives a spin for us.

Meet Mance Park's Ms. Baker and her amazing door!
She along with Coach Greer decorated their doors, and some other folks, too! 

These ladies are working it!  Huntsville High's Life Skills team
 is putting on the final touches for the Old Time Christmas Shop crafts.
From L to R: Ms. Nephew, Ms. King and Ms. Tatum

Paola is getting ready for the Olde Time Christmas Store in Life Skills at the High School.
The Store will be open and selling crafts and treats on Friday 12/12 and Monday 12/15.
They always sell out- you have been warned!!

At Mance Park, Ms. Hightower's ISS door is looking pretty spiffy!!

Huntsville Intermediate's Ms. Long has the spirit!

The 12 Days of Christmas Treats at Mance Park, courtesy of the PTO!

Mance Park parent Joy Mallory helps with the goodies.
(Ms. Mallory told us we happened to be there the five minutes that MPMS PTO President Tracie Hoot wasn't!)

Mance Park's Mrs. Ullrich loves Science, so you know her door would have some cool facts.
Did you know that the average snowflake falls at a speed of 3.1 miles per hour?
How about this, an average snowflake is made up of over 180 billion molecules of water?

Mance Park's ESL team, Ms. Leland and Mrs. Guthrie, wish everyone a Merry Christmas- and Un Feliz Navidad!

Michael and Ted'Driana soaking up the atmosphere in the Huntsville Intermediate library.

Put that back!  We saw the Grinch pulling  a tinsel streamer off a Mance Park door.

You know what they say- if the leg lamp fits!
At Huntsville Intermediate School, we caught Assistant Principal Mrs. Turner trying on the leg lamp Christmas Stocking
(If you don't know the reference, drop what you are doing and immediately watch the movie "A Christmas Story."

The reindeer on Mrs. Landrum's door is upside down....or are we upside down?

Huntsville Elementary's Mrs. Mills and her ornament ear rings.
More Mance Park door art! Ready for some holiday themed Scooby snacks?

Huntsville Elementary's guessing jar, now featuring holiday themed candy.
How many do you think Ms. Sandoval? She says come up with your own guess!

Cute! at Mance Park

At Huntsville Elementary, Nurse Pine is celebrating and taking care of the kids- at the same time!

Even the minions are getting the spirit at Mance Park!

Huntsville Intermediate:  Next Week is Going to be Fun!

Coach Greer, which way to Mt. MPMS? How about Greerville??

Mrs. Lorenz and a door decorated for her!  No grinches here!

Our Holiday Food Drive is in full swing!
Together we CAN make a difference

"All is Calm?"  We don't know about that!
Mrs. Thorp's decorated her doorknob at Huntsville Intermediate School! 
One of Huntsville High's parking attendants, Mr. Speck,  with a gift bag he received.
Student groups come together to host a dinner and give gifts to our parking attendants and custodial crew.

How can a snowman have a warm glow?  It's a mystery.
Only Huntsville Intermediate School's Registrar, Mrs. Ancira knows!

The soup was definitely ON at Huntsville Elementary School for their potluck!

Mrs. Elliot and Ms. Pesl represent the holidays at Huntsville Elementary School.

Huntsville Elementary's Library decorations.  Curl up with a good book!
At the Administration building, Mrs. Cruse and Mrs. Bridge pose next
to the mini USB Christmas Tree that keeps them company while they're working on Gradebook, 

Do you recognize this?  It's the boardroom at the Hawkins Administration Building.

Good enough to eat!  It wasn't just soup that was served at Huntsville Elementary today!

Poinsettias in full bloom!

A Ms. Baker creation, to be hung on Mance Park Assistant Principal Mr. Dunbar's door.


  1. As always a great post.... As always so many positive things happening I HISD!!!

  2. Love all the holiday cheer shining through so many wonderful schools and people!!!