Tuesday, December 2, 2014

HHS Senior Girls bring the Nail Salon to Senior Gals of Walker County

On the Thursday before our Thanksgiving Holidays, Vanessa Tindall's Cosmo 2 Senior Girls took their nail salon on the road to Walker County's Senior Gals.  

Fonda Franklin shows of her nails with her Nail Technician, Raquel.
Working with Kasie Kroll and Frank Ivory of the Senior Center of Walker County, most of Mrs. Tindall's class were able to set up a pop up nail salon in a room adjacent to the daily bingo game and offered free manicures to anyone who wanted one!  

The joint is jumpin'! 

Those familiar with the Center know that it's a place for seniors to socialize, craft, get health info, play games and get a good meal.  (Meals-on-Wheels participants are free, and the daily meals have a $3.00 suggested donation. )

Maria is concentrating on the Client.
And those that are familiar with Mrs. Tindall's program know that her Cosmo 2 students know how to make nails look fantastic. (And hair, too, by the way!)

Look at those babies.

These are all second year students, and well on their way to earning the one thousand hours that they need to complete before testing.  After a written test, the practical test measures the students ability to manicure, perform a facial, apply color and relaxer, cut hair, roll a perm (apply solution and perform a test curl), blow dry, properly manipulate a curling iron and handle all manner of sanitation and safety surrounding the salon services.

Opal Sanford is pretty impressed!

Once they pass their certification test, they are licensed cosmetologists and can work anywhere in the state of Texas.

This means that these students can earn money to become financially independent, whether they plan on attending college or not.  These Cosmo 2 students are future entrepreneurs and independent business women.

Last May, every Cosmo 2 student that took the test passed- 100%!

Delicate work.

So it's truly a win win situation for the Huntsville Senior Girls and the Walker County Senior Gals.

Kee'Kee takes a quick smile break!

Vanessa works on client Norma's hand.

The Folks Behind the Scenes (and out front, too!)
Senior Center of Walker County Executive Director Frank Ivory
and Site Manager Kasie Kroll.   

Velma Johnson admires her nails.

Angel & Katie. Not only did they bring the salon, they brought the smiles, too!

Velma Johnson is ready for some nail love!

The Wisdom of T-Shirts: "A Good Stylist is Cheaper Than a Good Therapist"
Bryanne displays her Cosmo 2 shirt.

Mrs. Tindall was the one woman support team, and kept the warm water coming.

Decisions, Decisions!
Erica and Opal.

Let the record show that guys were invited to participate, including these gentlemen here.
No doubt they would have taken the ladies up on their offer but they had some domino playing to do!
Clockwise from the left, Ken Gentry (striped shirt), Donnie Robinson (blue shirt),
and T.J. Clopton (green jacket) and Harold Park (in hat).

The Senior Center offers beautiful, handmade crocheted, knitted and quilted items at more than fair price.
Here Cosmo 2 student Raquel models a knitted shawl that she could not leave (or live!) without!

A few minutes later, Raquel meets Adele Debler, a nail client and the creator of that very wrap she purchased.

Chelsea says: That's not just my client, that's my Grandma!


The Senior Center of Walker County is located 340 SH 75, Huntsville, Texas 77320.

Is Vanessa wearing her heart on her sleeve?
You bet!  Cosmo Patch on Letter Jacket

There were some stories told! Let's just say that what is said in the nail salon stays in the nail salon!

Cosmo 2 at the Walker County Senior Center- Roll Call!
From Left to Right,
Top Row:  Erica, Chelsea, Mrs. Vanessa Tindall, Katie, Angel and Shelby
Front Row: Bryanne, Vanessa,  Raquel, Kee'Kee and Maria
Cosmo 2 students Carolina, Madison and Phae are not pictured here
because their schedules did not allow them to make the trip.

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