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A Huntsville Tradition Renewed Every Fall: Huntsville Hornets' Friday Night Lights is Back!

This past Friday night, Huntsville ISD's beloved fall tradition was renewed once again.  
School is back in session, and it's Football Season!  

Let's Do This!
(photo courtesy of Chloe Weich & The Hive Online-
see their coverage & photos of the game and Friday's Pep Rally by
going here:  )
Our Huntsville Hornets won convincingly against Coldspring- Oakhurst (COCISD), by the score 
56-12.  Now if you are looking for a play by play recap, you would be better served heading over to The Huntsville Item's coverage or catching Kooter and Leroy on KSAM, 101.7

A tradition renewed every fall...
But if you are in the mood to check out some of the action OFF the field, including some of the families, friends and fun from Friday then you've come to the right place!  
Some ladies of the Grenadier Guard helping each other get things 'just right' before the game.

You are witnessing history here- this little guy, a third generation Hornet Fan,
 is attending his first Huntsville High School football game!

Feel the Power!

Let us off so we can play!
These band members are ready for the first game of the season!

On the sidelines:  no one said it would be easy.

The  Huntsville Hornet Military Marching Band.

Welcome to the Hornet Experience!
These Huntsville ISD teachers hung out with the team and coaching staff all night, beginning with the game night meal.   They enjoyed watching the game from the best seat in the house- the sidelines! 

Date Night!  Mance Park's Lateel Richardson and her husband Roderick enjoy each others company, and the game!

OK you can take our picture-just be cool about it, alright?!

Employee of the Month and Assistant to the Superintendent Sherry Odom
was there rooting for the Hornets with her husband Doug and daughter, Maggie.
(You see how Doug is focussed on the game??)

A few rows away, fellow Employee of the Month Mike Wallace, our District's Technology Systems Administrator enjoys the game with his wife, Angela (of Huntsville Elementary) and family, aka "The Wallace Bunch"

The Football Team kept the Flagmen running all night!
We saw this a lot on Friday- friends reuniting and having fun-
and it didn't matter if they had seen each other last week or last year- it was just good to see them again!
Here Huntsville Elementary's Freda Shaw is with Patrick Antwi the President of the Huntsville ISD Board of Trustees.

They might be new to the district, but they were in the spirit like they've been here for years-
Huntsville High School's Dean of Instruction Karen Murdoch and Assistant Principal Demeka Simmons.

It's a Friday during football season, and they're having fun with friends at the game.

The Huntsville Hornet Military Marching Band performs during halftime- it was superb!

A Proud Coach:  Mrs. Dana Lenorman watching the Grenadier Guard perform to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse."

Coldspring- Oakhurst vs Huntsville
It's a classy tradition- The cheer teams visit each other sides and cheer for their opponents.

Another Huntsville Touchdown!
(Photo Courtesy of Chloe Weich and the Huntsville Hive Online.
See more great photos at )

Date Night Continued! Huntsville High School's Jack and Sammi Herrington.

Getting pumped up!

The GG's all lined up in first position.

Buzzy high fives the fans!

Let us chill here for a moment!
If it's Third Quarter, then it means that the band may get a break before it's "back to work" in the Fourth.

Third Quarter Sustenance!
The Nicks Chicks!  Huntsville Elementary's Principal
Koren Nicks with daughter Makinzie of Samuel Walker Houston.

Huntsville High's Marlene Sapien- Najera looks friendly,
but don't try you try to sit where you aren't supposed to sit!
After the game, tired, but not too tired to sign the school song!

And Another Date Night!  This one with Quentin and Brenita Jordan.
(Mrs. Jordan works at Mance Park Middle School.)

It feels good to be back!

After the game and the team is feeling pretty good!

All eyes on him.  Coach Southern has a quick post game meeting on the field.
See you at 9:00 a.m. sharp tomorrow!

What a beautiful new scoreboard @ Bowers Stadium!

These guys are ready to go!

The Dukes are Hornet Buddies!

These police officers are part of our Hornet Family!

Wow- and this was just in practice during warm ups!

Impromptu Portrait of the Cheer Team & Buzzy after warmups

I got Buzzy's autograph!

The backbone of a successful band is the...BAND BOOSTERS! :-)

Lean On Me

Here are most of the trainers- the two missing were working in the locker room!

The Huntsville Hornet Military Marching Band is entering the stadium.

Huntsville High School's Tom Farr and his kids- let's take the picture so we can get in there!

Wave the Flag of Huntsville High!

The Huntsville Hive Online was there... well as photographers from The Huntsville High School Yearbook staff.

And of course The Hive daily announcements!!

Coach Southern watches the action.

See you on Friday!

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