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Gibbs PreK Students Learn Conscious Discipline from Faculty, Staff and a Couple of Fellow "Pre K-ers" ??

If you happened to visit Gibbs PreK Center the other day, you might be a little confused as to what was going on.

Dr. Rosa Martinez (aka Maria) and Mr. Albert Archuleta (aka Bubba) love their job!

That's because Principal Dr. Rosa Martinez and Assistant Principal Albert Archuleta were no where to be found.  In their place were Maria and Bubba, two overgrown PreK kids with a strange resemblance to both of these school leaders!

He's practicing the Balloon!
The Balloon consists of raising your arms as you breathe in,
arms making a circle like the shape of a balloon, with big exhale like a leaking balloon.

Since Gibbs PreK Center's inception, Conscious Discpline has been an integral part of the curriculum.    Dr. Martinez and Mr. Archuleta, working with Mrs. Pam Payne, a 24 year veteran teacher and longtime Conscious Discpline practioner, have implemented this program in their school to assist teachers with the teaching of social and emotional skills for their students and to assist in classroom management.

You have to get serious before you get goofy.
Pam Payne goes over the important marks to hit before the curtain draws.

As a result, students learn self control and how to self regulate.  Our kids learn how to speak up for themselves and think about how their classmates feel (i.e. empathy).  Ultimately, the kids learn that they are responsible for their own actions (i.e. choice).

Mr. Archuleta demonstrates, "The Wolf"
Three quick in breaths followed by a huge exhale and howwwwwwllllllllll!!!

At this point it may be helpful to remind you that in addition to holding a Masters degree,
Albert Archuleta is currently Master Sergeant (E-8)
in the Amy National Guard, and deployed to Iraq twice!!

Each year, Dr. Martinez, Mr. Archuleta and Mrs. Payne and the staff of Gibbs dedicate specific time to Conscious Discipline by getting up on stage for the entire school so they can model as a group what actions can be taken when kids encounter every day challenges.

Gotta Dance!  Gotta Sing!  Gotta learn Conscious Discipline!!

What kind of challenges? They include getting bumped into by a fellow student on the playground, not being first in line, not wanting to share, everyday transitions (time to clean up, time to go to the bathroom), etc. You can imagine how long the entire list is!

She's all eyes and all ears!

But like developing any skill, these take practice.  So, every time the principals visit with students, they take that opportunity as a "teachable moment" to practice appropriate self regulation and self control skills.  They accomplish this by doing it with them so the kids can see it!

Mrs. Smith smiles while she howls!!!!

Everybody now-----Breathe in and fill that balloon!

Additionally, Dr. Martinez, Mr. Archuleta and Mrs. Payne utilize Google Hangouts on Air to record & share these role-playing scenarios.  The Hangouts, which can be viewed here, provide a way for the team to scaffold, support and model the type of behavior the faculty and staff are working to promote. The content needed to be created easily, and demonstrated by people the children knew.

And it needed to be convenient for the teaching staff to access and use.   Plus, it's available to parents so they can gain insight to what their children are learning, and implement it in their own homes, thus creating a partnership between home and school.

Students join in on the performance- can you hear them HOWL?!

Remember, Huntsville ISD provides a full day PreK program through Gibbs PreK Center.  This is a unique opportunity for our students, as most school districts offer only half day programs.  Studies show that this full day commitment provides quantifiable and qualitative dividends, and we know we are making a difference.

Mr. Archuleta's Dancing Toe was the Opening Act for these performances!

Scene from Behind the Curtain of "Mr. Archuleta's Dancing Toe"
The "crowd" loved it almost as much as Mr. Archuleta!!

Proud to represent the Mighty Gibbs Pre-K Center!!

A High Five on Your Way Out!!

Mr. Toe says, "Good Show!"

The sign on the back wall says it all,
"We Wish You Well!"

Matthew Lahey Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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