Monday, October 13, 2014

You Demanded It, and Now it is HERE. Huntsville ISD-centric Versions Of Viral Videos are Now Online!

If you remember way (way way!) back before school started, you attended the Back to School Conference (...All coming back to you now?)  

During the first session we showed you a video that consisted of various 
Huntsville Independent School District staff and administrators getting in touch 
with their goofy side all at the service of making you smile and laugh.

Well now you can sing along with our Interim Superintendent Sonny Cruse as he belts out his smash, 
"Back This Fall" with the release of our official lyric video.  

In fact, in the spirit of the genre,  we've broken all the viral videos that made up the original BTS video into bite sized pieces for your enjoyment and pass around.

and of course the Evolution of Principal Dancing.  
Our cameras also happened to be there on 

So here you are, because you demanded it!  (You demanded it, didn't you?!)

Big Thanks again to all that participated!!!

We know you care enough to get out of that comfort zone of yours!


Angee Andrus
Sally Bacon
Larry Brown
Beth Burt
Andrea Cortes
Alyx Cousins
Sonny Cruse
Susan Cryer
Maria Delgado
Shannon Duncan
Coach Marcus Evans
John Green
Linda Grigsby
Allison Hollis
Debbie Homann
Traci Isaac
Jeri Johnsen
Jim Kreier
Patty Marler
Linda Marshall
Dr. Rosa Martinez
Amy Mayer
Colleen McMillian
Nadine Pharries
Amber Rodriguez
David Rosser
Tracie Simental
Coach Rodney Southern
Marjetta Spriggs
Henry Tapia
Delanise Taylor
Shannon Williams
Mayor Mac Woodward

Special Thanks to:

Larry Brown
Jessica Clancy
Jonathan Clancy
Zoe Clancy
Lauren Davis
Jack Herrington
Tim Hooks
Huntsville ISD Maintenance & Operations
Huntsville ISD Transportation
Owen Lahey
Kay Laube
Sam Houston Memorial Museum
Sheila Simmons
Ginger Widner
Nanci Yamada

Huntsville Independent School District, Huntsville ISD, Matthew Lahey

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