Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Billy's Innovation Day Goes on the Road to Austin & TCEA

The annual TCEA Convention is a big deal for all things Tech and Texan in Education, with over 8000 educators from the Lone Star State and beyond converging on Austin for a week of presentations, workshops and staff development.

Presenter Billy with Mom, Big Brother & HIS Student Jake along with Dad Sam.

This year a particularly unique presenter team was among those representing our district.  Samuel W. Houston Elementary School fourth grader Billy Moak and his mom Cathy(Component Director at Region 6 ESC) presented, "Billy's Innovation Day," a student's perspective on Innovation Day.

Billy talks logistics.
Also on hand was the Innovative Teacher of the Year recipient, Samuel W. Houston third grade teacher and Billy's teacher last year, Jessica Moore along with a few members of our iTech team.  Attendees had the opportunity to hear representatives from all perspectives:  student, teachers, parent and technology & curriculum integrationists.
....And takes some questions from the audience.
For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Innovation Day, it's a day devoted to student generated projects.  As one of our participants said, "It's a day we tell ourselves what to do." It takes a considerable about of preparation by the teachers, but the rewards are multiple and the memories unforgettable.

Billy and Jessica.

Last school year, we produced a video with the hope that it would not only serve as a guide and preview for schools looking to launch an Innovation Day of their own, but offer a glimpse of how cool and fun it is to have one, too. It's been a hit, with over 2300 views and counting.

This video, along with our student Billy's presentation, are just a few more ways we can share the good things coming from the students, teachers and staff of Huntsville Independent School District.  For more information on Innovation Day, click here.

Shhh. We're "In Session."

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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