Friday, January 17, 2014

Estafania Martinez: Huntsville High Senior, Homecoming Queen...Star of Documentary Movie?

By now, you have probably already seen the two great stories KBTX ran about Estafania Martinez's crowning at this year's Homecoming back in September. (If not, click Huntsville Students Shake Up Homecoming Traditions &  Inspirational Homecoming Queen Crowned in Huntsville.)

Through the viewfinder- Estafania joined by friends moments after being crowned. 
What you may not know is that Huntsville High Senior and 2013 Homecoming Queen Estafania Martinez is the subject of a documentary written, directed and edited by a group of her classmates here at Huntsville High.

The crew forms a game plan before the ceremony- from left to right- Vic DeMatos (in hat) , Jomar Pueyo and Keona Wynne (both obscured by tripods), Teacher Andrew Stewart and Antoniette Williams (in blue).

As the story captured the attention and hearts at KBTX, so too did it our students, and they believe it is a story worth sharing.

Estafania is looking forward to seeing the finished product in March.

Cameraperson Keona Wynne is covering the action.

Members of Mandy Stewart's Broadcast Journalism class and The HIVE announcement team, Andrew Stewart's Advanced Audio Visual Production class, along with volunteers are helping with the production.  Daniel Arroyo and Huntsville High School Spanish teacher Mrs. Ruiz worked on the translation.

In addition to having Estafania sit for an interview, the crew taped interviews with her family, friends and teachers.
They have recorded interviews, taped the Homecoming crowning and are beginning the editing process. Their goal is to submit the finished film to the University Interscholastic League competition later this school year. We'll keep you posted!

Producer Sandra Rodriguez and Cameraperson & Editor Jomar Pueyo are both seniors in Andrew Stewart's Advanced Audio Video Production class, and are the leads on the project.

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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