Monday, September 30, 2013

Bringing 'Boards to the SHSU 'Block

Last week, our very own Karen Paschal taught an Introduction to Promethean Boards and ActivExpressions course to Sam Houston State University education students enrolled in a 'block' of classes all held here at Huntsville Elementary School.

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Virtually all of our classrooms have Promethean Boards, an interactive whiteboard and projector system with built in lesson planning software.  Karen is one of our resident experts.  These college students will be teaching our kids and working with our teachers.  Huntsville Elementary principal, Koren Nicks saw this training as a "win-win" opportunity, and approached our department for help.

Associate Professor Dr. Barbara Greybeck heads the Literary Methods Block.  This block consists of three interrelated courses (READ 3370, The Teaching of Reading, READ 3371 Literacy Assessment & Instruction & READ 3372, The Teaching of Language Arts).

Pictured L-R- Karen Paschal, Jacquelyn Dieringer (TA for the Block), Amy Utaravichien (Instructor of READ 3372) and Dr. Barbara Greybeck (Associate Professor of READ 3370 & READ 3371)

Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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