Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The TNT Academy is like Dynamite

Last week, our new teachers participated in Day 1 of The New Teacher Training Academy (TNT) in one of our new district training rooms here at the High School. Teachers spent the first day learning about topics such as Communicating Effectively with Parents, Creating Classroom Procedures, and Managing Resources with Kim Beth Buchanan and Amy Mayer, and most importantly, from each other.

Jessica Powell listening to a teacher presentation.
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Participants broke into groups, researched a topic and then presented their findings to the rest of the cohort.

Huntsville High School Principal Beth Burt & longtime-HISD-employee-though-new-teaching Mance Park Middle School teacher Cathy Landrum enjoy the conversation.

As these teachers already have a few weeks of school under their belt, the day also provided a venue for collaboration, camaraderie and conviviality.

New teacher Doug Johnston relates a point from teaching the freshly reestablished AutoTech program at the high school.

Day Two will take place in early November.

Until then, let's all welcome to the District our new teachers!

Dakota Alexander
Elizabeth Ashley
Lisa Black
Ashley Bonine
Joeanne Bonjorno
Seth Bracken
Suzanna Carvajal
Amanda Cason
Gianna Diaz
Brandi Dougherty
Amanda Fisher
Kenneth Goines
Elizabeth Gore
Kiya Harris
Keri Herzog
Taylor Hodge
Shandilynne Holley
Jessica Hunter
Douglas Johnson
Kim Kelley
Perry Kelly
Cathy Landrum
Brittany Long
Amber Meeks
Robin Miller
Melissa Miller
Yolanda Nephew
Megan Parish
Jaime Pesl
Melissa Peterson
Patrina Polviriyakij
Elizabeth Poprik
Teresay Powell
Holly Ramirez
Gloria Roberts
John Rudolph
Marlene Sapein-Najera
Megan Smith
Elizabeth Stolle
Kelli Stout
Lauren Thomas
Jennifer Walters
Charolyn Washington
Bailee York
Amber Young
Matthew Lahey  Huntsville ISD Huntsville Independent School District

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